How to clean a washing machine with citric acid: methods

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A washing machine is currently not a luxury item, but a necessity. Caring for this unit is simple. It is necessary to regularly clean it from the inside, since scale can reduce the performance of the equipment and even provoke its breakdown. The available means will help, they can be found in the arsenal of any housewife. In this article, you will learn how to clean your washing machine with citric acid.

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid

Is it possible to clean the washing machine with citric acid

The scale will be created by the deposition of salts on metal objects of the machine, which dissolve when the liquid is heated to high temperatures. If you do not carry out timely cleaning of the heater and the drum, then there is a risk sooner or later to get a faulty unit.

The washing machine must be descaled regularly, otherwise the cost of electricity will increase significantly. Salt-coated tenh warms up longer and eventually burns out. There are many means to clean the washing machine.

The most popular improvised means, they can be found in every kitchen. Among them are substances such as food water, vinegar and lemon. Many people are interested in the question, is it acceptable to clean the washing machine with citric acid? This is an elementary tool to combat plaque, housewives have been using it for more than a decade.

Lemon acid

How does citric acid affect scale

Citric acid is famous even in industry. In short, acid acts as a reagent when it reacts with water salts, as a result of which the latter turn into soluble elements. Acetates and chlorides obtained from this reaction destroy the plaque. After which he easily leaves, washing himself with water. The only caveat - the destruction occurs unevenly.

Scale in the washing machine

Pros and Cons of Citric Acid Cleansing

Cleaning the washing machine with citric acid has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using include:

  • Availability. It is cheap, it is possible to purchase a considerable amount of lemons for little money;
  • Ease of use. The purification procedure does not require the use of special tools and preliminary preparation;
  • High efficiency. 100 grams of active substance can remove up to 100 g of scale;
  • Security. The substance itself and its derivatives on the scale are not harmful to humans.

Lemon perfectly overcomes hard deposits, it does not have a negative destructive effect on ten, like other chemicals. This substance is part of many specialized tools.

Moreover, for financial costs, cleaning a lemon machine costs much less than using special chemicals. It is proved that many housewives spend much more money on cleaning products than repairing a washing machine can do. In particular, the replacement of ten.

Acid deficiencies most often have nothing to do with reality. It does not corrode rubber seals and metal components of the machine. Many note that after cleaning the washing machine with citric acid, a specific smell remains, but it is eliminated after one or two washes.

The only problem may be the accumulation of crystals of lemon in the pocket of the rubber cuff. Therefore, it should be thoroughly wiped after treatment. A short-term effect of the substance on rubber and components of the machine does not have a destructive effect.

How to clean a washing machine with citric acid

Processing of the machine of the machine is carried out in several stages.

Preparation for cleaning

The preparation procedure is as follows: all things and objects that can be damaged or damage the inside of the unit during cleaning are removed from the machine. The use of lemons in a liquid state is permissible in a technique that does not remove the water remaining under the drum at the beginning of work.

Machine cleaning

How much rash of citric acid for a washing machine

Used to eliminate plaque liquid solution or substance in crystals. Dissolved lemon is preferable, this ensures that individual solid particles are not stuck anywhere and are not stuck. The calculation is carried out as follows: 100 g of material is taken on equipment with an allowable load of 5 kg.

Acid for washing machine

Loading acid and turning on the washing machine

A liquid solution or powdery substance is poured into the powder compartment. It is permissible to pour the diluted lemon into the drum. The equipment starts in high temperature mode and with a minimum of three rinses. You can use the mode of digestion or bleaching, in some units this is provided.

Machine start

Removal of crystalline acid residues

After filling the drum with water, clean the powder loading hopper with a lemon. Residues from this compartment are completely removed.

After cleaning, the door opens, the inner surface is ventilated. The rubber cuff is thoroughly wiped dry, all the water that has accumulated inside is removed. You should also look at the drain filter, where residues of scale accumulate.

Removal of acid residues

Washing machine inspection

During washing, you should observe the operation of the device. If the thick layer of plaque leaves, it will fall into the drain when rinsing. After cleaning, the inside of the machine should be inspected for small scale particles.

Washing machine inspection

How to clean the washing machine drum from dirt

Cleaning the drum of the washing machine is done by hand or by starting one of the automatic washing modes. To clean it, any available substance is used, and the washing machine can be cleaned with vinegar. It should be understood that, unlike other means, vinegar concentrate does more harm to the unit.

Cleaning the washing machine with soda:

  1. A solution is prepared from water and ¼ cup of soda, it is poured into the tray.
  2. 9% vinegar is added directly to the drum.
  3. The machine starts at maximum time at high temperature.

This is a good alternative to cleaning the washing machine from dirt and smell with a lemon. It should be understood that the defeat of the machine can be not only scum, with improper use and care, the development of mold and fungi is possible, it is difficult to get rid of them.

To solve the problem of how to wash the washing machine inside, you should take two bags of the product and put it in the drum. Start normal washing; at the end of work, you can enable repeated rinsing to get the best result. Some models of automatic machines have a convenient function of automatic drum cleaning.

Frequency of maintenance

Masters advise to systematically release the equipment from scale. Can also be prevented pollution of the washing machine with citric acid. The repetition rate depends on a number of factors, among which are:

  1. Hardness of water.
  2. Washing temperature.
  3. Frequency of use of equipment.

The more often the family uses the device, the more often the washing machine should be cleaned of limescale with citric acid. Experts recommend doing this on average once every 4-6 months. In most cases, the appearance of scale in the washing machine is facilitated by the boiling mode, which is used, as a rule, infrequently.

Car Care

Tips & Precautions

It is possible to reduce the accumulation of insoluble substances inside the machine, which will reduce the likelihood of scale and the possibility of malfunctioning of the unit. To do this, take care of the equipment during operation. After washing, the door remains open until the machine is fully aired.

In areas where hard water is sufficiently hard, it is recommended to use powders with special additives in the composition. These components soften the water and prevent the formation of scale. It is recommended to use them in the amount recommended for water of specified hardness.

In the machine it is not recommended to wash things that are destroyed due to decay even with non-intensive washing. It is advisable to choose modes for everyday washing with a small temperature, not higher than 50 degrees. The laundry is immediately removed from the drum after the end of the last wash cycle. You can use powders that contain substances that prevent the appearance of scale.

The specified amount of citric acid is sufficient for high-quality cleaning of the unit from plaque. Exceeding the permissible concentration will not cause an improvement in the result, but it can adversely affect the condition of certain parts of the machine. A large amount of substance can damage the plastic parts of the equipment and rubber tabs.

The procedure for cleaning the machine is as simple as possible. Moreover, it is much easier to prevent the appearance of scale than to then deal with the consequences.

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