What seedlings are planted gardeners. Ural and Moscow region in February?

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Growing seedlings is a scrupulous and responsible business that requires certain knowledge of the timing of seeding of certain vegetable crops or flowers under certain climatic conditions. In regions where the summer is short, the seeds for seedlings are sowing in February, in order to timely ripen and harvest the planned harvest. So the regions of Russia, the Urals and the Moscow region are characterized by rather cool climatic conditions, in which not all cultures are able to take root and produce high yields.

What can be planted in February?

Since the timing of seeding should not be rushed, do not linger, especially if the growing of seedlings is conducted in climatic conditions, at times different from warm regions, dacha owners of the Urals and Moscow suburbs try to sow in February maximum of cultures.

Advantages of early seed sowing are the following nuances:

  • obtaining strong mature seedlings that form large fruits or inflorescences, requiring less time for their development during a short warm season;
  • the possibility of growing healthy plants;
  • saving financial resources for the purchase of greenhouse sprouts, which can be picky to the natural conditions of cultivation.
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Possible problems arising from early seed sowing in the soil:

  • a short light day, minimizing the absorption of ultraviolet light for effective photosynthesis;
  • mandatory need to maintain optimal temperature conditions for the development of shoots;
  • mandatory need for moisture control in order to avoid the development of fungal diseases of young shoots.

What to plant in February for seedlings?

The following crop groups are subject to sowing in February:

  • annual flowers with a sufficiently long period of vegetation;
  • tuber perennials, which need a long period for the full formation of tubers;
  • cultures whose seed germination capacity is characterized by a long period;
  • heat-loving vegetables with a long period of vegetation.

For the regions of the Urals and Moscow suburbs are characterized by such periods of seed sowing:

  • in the beginning of February they sow the seeds of perennial onion, onion, rhubarb, sorrel, lovage, asparagus, celery, mycelium of mushrooms;
  • at the end of February, often in the twentieth, melons, squashes, pumpkin watermelons, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, dill, basil, parsley, salads, strawberries and strawberries are sown.

The quality of the sown seeds depends on the correctness of the calculation of the vegetative period of the plants, so before sowing it is necessary to make sure that all the seeds are of high quality.

To do this, they are treated with preparations against the fungus and moistened for germination on a special gauze or paper basis, only after that they are sown in the soil for further development in the future shoots of strong and hardy seedlings.

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Seedlings of flowers in February

The flower-growers of the Urals and Moscow region have allocated eight flower crops, which are surely sown in February:

  • Petunia - special attention is paid to its hybrid species, which are more resistant to natural and climatic conditions, characterized by frequent rainy precipitation; various colors of petunias decorate any flower beds; Seeds are sown in the soil at the end of February by the surface method, the germination period reaches two weeks; the shoots obtained during the growing period must be transplanted several times, in May they receive seedlings already with blossoming flowers, which boldly planted on the flower beds;
  • Lobelia - used to decorate curbs and empty spaces on flower beds and garden paths; The spherical shape looks beautiful in combination with tall flower plants; sown lobelia also in late February, after two weeks there are shoots that are several times dived, then in early May they are planted in the ground or flower beautiful street pots or stands;
  • Carnation Chabot - in the cool regions can not admire the blossom of this variety of cloves without growing seedlings, because it begins six months after sowing seeds, so February is the time when it is necessary to sow cloves on seedlings, which is planted in the ground in mid-May; Seed germination is observed for seven days and shoots require maximum lighting;
  • Begonia evergreen - used to decorate terraces, curbs and flowerbeds, begonia seeds are very long pecking, so they planted in early February; grown seedlings are planted in the ground at the beginning June;
  • Lavender is narrow-leaved - it is often an ornament of balconies and terraces, due to slow germination Its seeds are also sown in early February, the seedlings are sent to the open ground only at the beginning June;
  • Salvia (a sparkling sage) is a thermophilic flowering plant, which perfectly adorns the landscape; Salvia is sown at the end of February, seedlings are planted in the soil in early June;
  • Viola (Vittrock's violet) - you can enjoy the flowering of this plant from May to the very first winter frosts, if sow seeds in early February; The plant is well established both in the open ground, and in flower containers;
  • Heliotrope - a thermophilic flower, requiring constant attention and proper care, seeds are sown in early February by a shallow method by virtue of obtaining sufficient natural light; seedlings are planted on flower beds or in flower pots in the middle May.
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