Pots for seedlings from the newspaper: how to make their own hands?

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I always grow sprouts myself. I have a lot of it, so you have to save on glasses. I heard that you can use paper for this. Tell me how to make pots for seedlings from the newspaper themselves?

February for truck farmers and flower growers is the beginning of a hot pore. It is now the right time to start such an important business as growing seedlings. After acquiring seeds and nutrient substrate, the question arises - where do they sow? The choice of containers for growing seedlings is simply huge: these are special trays, and peat tablets, and disposable cups. However, everything requires financial investments. In the case when you need to get a large number of seedlings, the issue of saving money is not the least important.

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And then folk craftsmen come to the rescue with their ideas of using improvised means, such as newspapers. From paper material you can get convenient, practical and cheap cups, the benefit of how in every house there are unnecessary booklets, catalogs, etc. All that is needed is old newspapers, a little time and patience. So, how to make pots for seedlings from the newspaper with their own hands?

Step-by-Step Instructions for Pot Preparation

First of all, newspapers should be folded (or cut) strips of the necessary width, depending on the height of the future pot-cup. To do this, fold the sheet twice twice. The number of paper layers in the cup depends on the quality of the paper - a thin newspaper needs to be wrapped several times.

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For paper cups, it is better not to use colored newspapers and glossy magazines, as they emit a dye when wet.

In addition, you will need a base for giving the cup a shape. For these purposes, you can use a glass beaker or a tin can, but it is better to refuse a plastic bottle - it springs, and it will be inconvenient to wind the paper.

Proceed as follows:

  1. On the base screw the paper strip is not very tight, so you can take it out. From one edge leave indentation to the bottom.
  2. The left edge of the newspaper is pressed, forming the bottom of the pot.
  3. Remove the workpiece from the substrate. A glass is ready!

Some practical tips for harvesting paper pots

To prevent the cup from unfolding, you can use two options:

  • at the stage when the newspaper is wound on the basis, tie it with a thread;
  • Before proceeding to wrap the paper around the base, roll the newspaper strip with edging from the top edge, and when the glass is ready, slightly unfold the edge on one side and put it overlapping the second side.
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Paper cups are not sufficiently stable, so it is necessary to choose a suitable container (2/3 higher than the height of the cups), and tightly install them next to each other. You can tie them with a rope after the soil has been poured. It is important not to pour seedlings in paper pots, otherwise they will quickly get wet and fall apart.

When transplanting seedlings seedlings can be easily extracted from a glass, and you can plant and with it - for a season the paper will have time to decompose in the ground.

Glasses from the newspaper, made by papier-mache way - video

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