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Ouse - a real "treasure" striped honey insectsOuse - a real "treasure" striped honey insects

Many of you know about the healing properties of propolis - an amazing product produced by bees.

This biologically active propolis is very popular in folk medicine for its medicinal properties:

  • antibacterial;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antioxidant;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • healing and regenerating.

Keeping such a useful product in all respects must meet all the requirements, that is what allows you to save propolis as long as possible, without losing its beneficial qualities.

storage Features

Shelf life propolis directly depends on the form of the drug or the form in which it is harvested. However, the rules for storing bee sealant about the same.

Storage methods and variations propolis based preparations

Sealant is produced from natural various drugs in the form of tinctures, ointments, suppositories, oils, and so on. D. Of course, you need to store the products in any way, but the shelf life of each type of drug can vary substantially:

Picture Shelf life
table_pic_att14995797861 Propolis in solid form

Shelf life of propolis in solid form may be several years (5 to 10).

It is important to comply with all the conditions of storage, or a means to quickly deteriorate.

table_pic_att14995797862 alcoholate

This product is also kept long enough. Under proper conditions is healing potion saves all of its nutrients for 3-5 years.

table_pic_att14995797873 Water tincture

Not boasts such a long shelf life because it does not contain any natural preservative salt type or an alcohol.

Aqueous solutions of propolis are stored in the refrigerator for 10 days.

table_pic_att14995797874 Propolis in the oil

Keep propolis in the oil can be no more than three months from the date of preparation.

table_pic_att14995797885 Products with bee glue

Any food products containing propolis in any number stored in the refrigerator for 7-10 days.

table_pic_att14995797896 dry propolis

In its pure form, this product may have the form of a powder. It is not inferior to the quality of conventional bee glue beads.

Maintain their quality powder can be in the next 5-7 years.

table_pic_att14995797927 Candles of black wax

These products can easily lie to 5 years in a dark and dry place.

Ouse - a strong allergen, so before using drugs based on it is necessary to consult with a specialist, and to exclude the possibility of developing an allergy.

Beeswax adhesive mass is made of drugs from tincture to ointments and suppositoriesBeeswax adhesive mass is made of drugs from tincture to ointments and suppositories

As can be seen from the list, such a useful product can be stored for several years and have very short shelf life. It depends on the form of the drug on the basis of propolis.

If you want to prepare a medicine for the future, it is better to take care of the preservation of pure wax or make dolgolezhaschie funds with their own hands. Preparations based foods should not be produced in large quantities, tincture of water or milk propolisnoe better to do in an amount which is enough for one course of treatment.

Dry UzA pure longer storedDry UzA pure longer stored

Many people think that propolis in dry form or as part of drugs can be safely stored in the refrigerator, but this opinion is erroneous. Experienced beekeepers recommend hiding healing glue in a dry, dark and cool place.

Advice on storage

Instructions below contain the key recommendations of propolis kept in the home and the recommended package for each of the varieties of tools based on it:

Picture Description
table_pic_att149957979910 Tip 1

And ultraviolet light - the enemies of valuable product. Therefore store tinctures, ointments, and pure black wax is required in the cabinets, pantry, mezzanine and other dark places with constant temperature and lack of sunlight.

table_pic_att149957980111 Tip 2

Clear moisture regime compliance. This is one of the reasons why the refrigerator - not a place for storage of bee sealant.

In the refrigerator humidity is high enough that the detrimental effect on product properties.

table_pic_att149957980312 Tip 3

The air temperature in the storage location of the product must be constant and does not rise above 25 ° C.

It is believed that the optimal value of the thermometer is 15 ° C.

table_pic_att149957980413 Tip 4

Hygroscopic properties of black wax allow to absorb odors lying in the neighborhood of products and tools.

That is why the room should not be strong-smelling products, technical equipment, poisons, perfumes, fertilizers and so on. D.

table_pic_att149957980414 Tip 5

Propolis in pure form can be stored, rolled into small balls or flat cakes, as pictured.

As used parchment packaging, clean paper, polyethylene or plastic wrap.

It is important that each ball or cake were wrapped in your own packaging.

The resulting paper or plastic nodules should be placed in containers of dark glass and tightly close the lid.

It can be folded bee glue in wooden boxes, but it needs to be pre-set in this case in the bag and tie a knot.

Shelf life of the dry propolis powder can be extended by constructing paper envelopes and are packaged in portions bee glue.


Price propolis as a biologically active product of natural origin is very high. Unique beneficial properties of this truly miraculous bee product used for the treatment of many diseases, and as prevention of certain diseases. It is important to preserve these properties as long as possible, and the very raw materials can be stored for years, periodically use for medicinal purposes.

By following the above suggestions, it is possible to preserve the quality and curative useful substances bee sealant for a long time. Video in this article demonstrates all the features of storage propolis.

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