Stretch ceiling in the kitchen: photos, reviews, disadvantages and advantages

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Interior cuisine should not be seen as secondary. The main problem is the dense arrangement of furniture and appliances, which significantly slows down design flight of thought. However, there is an excellent option that allows you to make the kitchen elegant without changing any of the usual elements of the situation. Installing a stretch ceiling is a way to change everything where it is difficult to change something.

One of the main criteria that you need to consider when you plan to make a suspended ceiling in the kitchen (reviews and consider the shortcomings in this article) - this is design, and photos of various interiors will help to make the right a choice. Properly selected ceiling will revitalize and decorate the space of the room.

suspended ceiling in the kitchen

Design options

There are different ceiling options to complement kitchen Design :

  • from drywall;
  • from plastic panels ;
  • tension option.

Any of them can change interior

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, emphasize the size of the room, visually increasing or decreasing the height, creating volume. However, each has unique characteristics:

  • Plasterboard ceiling.

This option requires prior design designing. The design is mounted in several levels - this method allows you to divide the ceiling into zones and emphasize them with lights or LED strips. The surface of the drywall is to be painted. There is also plenty of room for creativity: traditional white color (see also

plasterboard ceiling
  • Ceiling from plastic panels.

This is the easiest and cheapest option. The panels are easy to install, you can buy all the necessary plastic profiles for connection and transition to the wall. Ceiling from plastic panels quite accessible for self-installation without attracting labor from outside. A wide selection of colors allows you to find the most suitable.

plastic ceiling

Types and advantages of a stretch ceiling 

The stretch version of the ceiling is the most practical. It allows you to translate almost any design the project, because the choice of color and texture of the canvas is truly huge. You can use a fabric or film cloth, with a matte or glossy surface, a uniform color or with a printed pattern.

Kitchen ceiling design can be issued using the following materials:

  • Fabric cloths.

They have a matte texture. Available in rolls with a width of 5.5 m, which allows installation without seams. The choice of color is not as wide as that of the films, but it is possible to install a canvas with a pattern, which creates a very impressive effect. The properties of the canvas do not require heating when pulling, which simplifies the task of the installer and requires less equipment.

fabric stretch ceiling
  • Film cloths.

One of the beneficial properties of such materials is a glossy surface, which, reflecting the room, creates a visual effect of depth and increases volume. This is especially noticeable when installing dark or black paintings (see also

film stretch ceiling

Design of suspended ceilings in the kitchen can be supplemented with other elements. One of the most interesting solutions is combining the canvas with ceiling drywall constructions. A combination of two contrasting colors is used, for example, white and red or white and black (more in this article), which together form an elegant and positive combination. The availability of many options sometimes leads to the formation of excessive variegation, which causes discomfort, so before making the final choice of color scheme, you need everything to be fine think out.

Proper lighting of the kitchen

Very often there is not enough light in the kitchen. By default, there is only one light source in the kitchen, located in the center of the ceiling (except for daylight from the window), and this is far from the most convenient option. Ceiling mounted a luminaire installed in the right place will make the work in the kitchen much more comfortable and pleasant, and a well-thought-out system of such luminaires can significantly change interior premises.

lamp in the kitchen

Stretch ceiling design in the kitchen must take into account the presence of the required number of spotlights located in convenient places. The work area and recreation area are illuminated. The lamps themselves are decorations: in addition to the main function, they serve as decorative elements.

In conclusion, it is necessary to note the presence of a large number of design options, color and texture of the stretch ceiling. For those who make repairs, there are practically no restrictions other than personal preferences. Stretch ceiling - a great option to change the appearance of the kitchen without interfering with the arrangement of furniture.

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