How to sharpen a hand saw: longitudinal, transverse, mixed type

How to sharpen a hand sawOften, people who carry out repairs encounter a situation when a tool that has served faithfully begins to fail. In such situations, it becomes quite annoying. Because there is not always the strength to make repairs, but I want to make it without any problems. This article will tell you how to sharpen a hand saw.

Basic rules for sharpening a hand saw

The content of the article

  • Basic rules for sharpening a hand saw
  • How to sharpen with your own hands: step by step
    • Cross saw
    • Longitudinal saw
    • Mixed saw

In order to make the correct and correct sharpening, it is necessary to become skilled in this tricky business. You should have an excellent eye, do not be distracted during work and confidently hold tools. During operation, you need to build on these rules:

  1. Securely lock the saw blade. It is best to fix it in a strong vice. Between the canvas we skip wooden planks so as not to mash the tool.
  2. Use only verified products. A file is great, after which there will be a file or file with a small notch. The file is suitable for anyone, ideally - recently purchased. If this is not available, it is better to rub the old with a steel brush and wood charcoal.
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  3. You need to be extremely careful when doing sharpening. The file will ideally pass through the metal and capture the top layer of the canvas. If one tool overheats or becomes clogged, it should be replaced by another.
  4. When sharpening, follow material retention rules. The handle should be grasped with the right brush, and the end should be clamped with the left. The pressure on the hacksaw should be as even and smooth as possible. It is necessary to make movements only in one direction.
  5. Sew as much as possible even amount of metal from the material. With the wrong approach, the canvas can become dull and clogged even more. It is better to immediately determine a certain number of movements and pressure force so that the sharpening is uniform.
Hand Saw

Reference! The burrs that appear during sharpening are removed using a file with a velvet side.

How to sharpen with your own hands: step by step

So that everything goes at the highest level, we carry out the procedure for divorcing cloves. This is done to ensure that the saw walks freely on wooden material without constant jamming. With wiring, along with an increase in the width of the cut, a large amount of chips will come out, which will not get stuck in the material.

  1. The wiring should be done one at a time, gradually changing the differences between the links. The difference should not exceed more than one millimeter.
  2. After this work, you can proceed directly to sharpening the material.

Cross saw

For sharpening the transverse hacksaw, you should choose a trihedral file suitable for the rigidity of the material. The angle should not exceed and be less than 60 degrees.

Initially, start on the left edges of the odd teeth. After that, we pass along the right edges of the odd. Thus, we sharpen the edges of the sharp end. Next, you should do the same procedure with the remaining teeth.


Longitudinal saw

For longitudinal tools, a file with a rough notch is used, or a file in the form of a rhombus. Trihedral tools are not suitable for such work.

The material is installed vertically. During operation, you should press the tool to the metal at an angle of 90 degrees, picking up sharpening material from the back and front. Thus, the quality of the far row of teeth is improved. After that, the canvas turns over and the work is repeated.


Mixed saw

To restore the quality of work, use files with an average notch, or diamond-shaped files with a small abrasive. When working, use a clearance angle of 90 and 75 degrees, respectively.

If there are no skills, then it is better to contact specialists so as not to spoil the tool.

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