How to use a toaster. Proper use of the toaster

How to use a toasterToaster - a device that has become familiar in many kitchens. This is understandable: the toaster not only facilitates the preparation of breakfast, toasting slices of bread, but also does it for the benefit of a person. After all, bread is fried without butter!

To make using the toaster in your home convenient, you should follow certain rules.

We use the toaster correctly

The content of the article

  • We use the toaster correctly
    • What method of laying bread is chosen by the toaster manufacturer
  • Rules for using the toaster
  • Security measures

Having bought or received a toaster as a gift, carefully read the instructions to know as much as possible about your toaster. As you read the instructions, find answers to the following questions that will help you use the toaster correctly.

Which toaster is in front of you:

  • auto: the whole process of drying bread occurs without your intervention, you don’t even have to get toasts, this will also be done without you;
  • semi-automatic: toast will cook and report it using sound, but you have to get them.

What method of laying bread is chosen by the toaster manufacturer

  • Vertical loading of a toastervertical loading will provide you with toasts;
  • horizontal loading will make breakfast more diverse and offer to prepare not only toasts, but also sandwiches, pies and rolls with various fillings.

Learn device features: it can only toast bread or it can also defrost and heat toasts that have cooled.

How many toasts can be prepared at the same time, what kind of roasting modes are possible. Find a place for the toaster convenient for the hostess and the rest of the family, so that when it is plugged in, use the outlet directly, avoiding extension cords or surge protectors.

Ensure that objects made of flammable materials are at a distance from the toaster. Such items include kitchen textiles made of synthetics: tablecloth, napkin, tack, curtain.

Important: Use bread for toast without additional processing with other products. All additives (jam or jam, butter, sauce, syrup) can be applied to the toast only after its preparation.

Protect your toaster from water and other liquids, this will extend its life.

Rules for using the toaster

  • ImportantTo daily breakfast preparation is not complicated by unnecessary problems, you must follow certain rules for using the toaster.
  • Use specially sliced ​​bread for toasting. When self-cutting, try to ensure that the pieces of bread are the same thickness. This will evenly fry the whole toast.
  • You can also toast 1 piece of bread in the toaster. But it is more expedient to load the device as much as possible.
  • Frozen bread must first be thawed. If the toaster model allows, then use it first for defrosting, then for toasting.
  • Clean the toaster after each use, freeing it from accumulated bread crumbs.

Important: When preparing toasts, strictly follow the instructions for use for a specific household item. Do not violate the procedure.

Security measures

Security measuresUsing a household toaster, you should take care not only about saving the appliance. It is equally important to eliminate the health hazard when using household appliances. Compliance with simple safety requirements will help in this:

  • during operation, do not cover the toaster with a napkin;
  • turn off the toaster after shutdowns;
  • make sure that there are no pieces of packaging left on the bread or bun intended for toasting or heating in the toaster;
  • Do not start cleaning the toaster until the appliance has completely cooled down. Remember: only an unplugged appliance can be cleaned!
  • Do not use metal objects to remove the toast or to clean the toaster from its pieces.

In order to feel more confident the first time you use the toaster, watch the video:

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