What better auger juicer or a centrifugal: a comparison of the pros and cons of devices.

Differences auger juicer from centrifugalJuicer should be in the kitchen every housewife. This modern and extremely handy device for making delicious and nutritious juices. But in view of the fact that in today's market presents two device category - screw and centrifugal, many wishing to buy such a machine useful do not know what to prefer. Which of the two is the best juicer device?

What is different from auger juicer centrifugal

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    • centrifugal device
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  • Pros and cons of centrifugal juicers
  • Advantages and disadvantages of auger juicer
  • Which to choose a juicer

During the comparison of these juicers can be understood that the first and second model has its own characteristics.

centrifugal device

The basis of the device is a centrifuge principle. For the preparation of tasty and healthy juice you must go through several stages:

  • loading fruits in a special container, and then they are ground to a pulp in a special state of the grater;centrifugal juicer
  • the obtained mass is then sent to a separator, which functions as all known centrifuge;
  • by centrifugal force (by weight scrolled maximum speed) is loaded adjacent to the filter tank and thus separated from the beverage cake.

For juice using these devices can be used not only soft fruit (oranges, peaches, grapes), but also hard fruits (carrot, celery, and t.). But now for the production of tomato juice or juice from the green plant is hardly suitable.

In addition, prior to loading the fruit need to remove them from even small bones, and in the case of apples clean peel. In other situations, it may clog the filter and the juicer will fail, with subsequent need for costly repairs.

IMPORTANT! Juice manufactured at juicers centrifugal type, has a clear and bright color, due to the fact that in a strong rotating juice is divided into fractions and mixed with oxygen. Necessary to use such a drink for half an hour after preparation. If you will take more time, he will lose as useful elements and color, along with taste.

screw models

Auger juicerPrinciple of operation - that's the main difference between the types of juicers. The operation of the screw device is a spiral shaft, called screw. In appearance very similar to the unit shown in the manual meat grinder. But screw models operate at low speed (50-80 per minute, depending on the purchased model). Centrifugal models boast from 1000 to 3000 rpm for the same period of time.

In this case the screw assigned a double function. He is engaged as a grinding-loaded fruits and promoting them to the filter. Bagasse from the finished beverage is separated by a metal mesh, and the juice is obtained thanks to the created pressure. That's why he will not stratify, maintaining all the vitamins and contain a lot of pulp. Deciding perespevshie processed fruit, the consumer can get the output delicious and vitamin smoothie.

With the help of auger juicers can get drinks from any fruit, whether fresh vegetables or fruit. In addition, this device can easily revise herbs and nuts. Most modern models of medium and premium price categories have special nozzles, which can be used for cooking meat, sausage or a variety of pasta products.

Pros and cons of centrifugal juicers

As with any technology, presented a juicer can boast a number of advantages. To those include:

  • transparent and pure color of the beverage outlet;Differences centrifugal juicers on the screw.
  • Juicing only takes 1-2 minutes, thanks to the work at high speeds;
  • affordable cost of devices;
  • elementary operation.

All that is required to the consumer - to put the fruit in a special container, and wait for the juicer will give tasty and vitamin juice - feed opening is sufficiently wide in view of what the fruits of almost no preparation required. In addition, the market is represented by a wide variety of models, which is why each customer will be able to choose for themselves the ideal, starting from the needs and personal preferences.

But unfortunately there are also some shortcomings. For example, during the cooking juice oxygen falls into it, and consequently the oxidation begins. And accordingly, store such a product for a long time will not work. Drink it must be for half an hour after cooking. In addition, there are other disadvantages, namely:

  • high noise level during operation - due to the fact that the device is running at maximum speed, and prepare delicious juice early in the morning without waking with the rest of the family, not will be released;
  • Low capacity - for the preparation of a liter of the beverage is required to spend more than one fruit, because the cake takes not a one milligram juice;
  • the presence of the foam - it affects the taste, but the most expensive models have the option to remove the foam in an automatic mode.

REFERENCE! Yet the advantages of centrifugal models have more. In addition, with the help of such devices is possible to process a variety of grasses and herbs. But with the fruit, where there is a bone, this technique can not cope, which is why before loading it in the apples or grapes need to remove these bones.

Advantages and disadvantages of auger juicer

In order to understand how a juicer to give preference, should be familiar with the advantages of screw devices. These include the following items:

  • optimum performance - obtained from fruits to 90% of the beverage;Pros auger juicer
  • in the juice retains all the vitamins and nutrients;
  • no contact with oxygen, which is why the juice can be stored for several days;
  • no ugly foams;
  • low noise level during operation made due to low speed - this allows you to be engaged in the manufacture of juice, even at night, without disrupting the sleep of neighbors or other family members;
  • broad functionality - except for the juice to screw devices can cook pasta, pâté, beef, homemade sausages, etc...

REFERENCE! Auger juicer - a universal model, through which you can get a delicious juice, not only from a variety of vegetables and fruits, but even of fresh herbs and nuts. Moreover, the obtained data using devices beverages can be harvested in the winter. They are excellent processed tomatoes and fruit containing seeds and fine seeds (apples, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, and so on. D.).

But there are certain disadvantages:

  • the resulting beverage contains the pulp, it is unlikely to enjoy the child - however, it can be easy to remove, drain the juice through a sieve usual;
  • in the processing of very ripe fruit is not that the juice and fruit pulp;
  • in some models of small diameter loading capacity, in view of what is required before loading the fruit to cut them into pieces;
  • the maximum continuous operating time is 30 minutes;
  • the cost of which will be available not for everyone.

Which to choose a juicer

What kind of juicer to choose? In situations where for juices will use a standard set of products, and consume drinks is planned immediately after their preparation - the scales on the side of the centrifugal device. In cases where it is necessary to have in the kitchen multifunction device, designed not only for making juice - the choice is recommended to incline toward the auger juicer.

You also need to think about whether to harvest juice for the winter is planned. If so, screw devices are ideal, ie. A. Made with their help, the beverage can be stored for 2-3 days, and during that time you can preserve it in bottles.

And of course, should be guided by the financial possibilities of parallel drawing attention to the feedback from users on the Internet.

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