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The Italian company Ariston occupies a leading position in the world in the production of water heating and heating equipment. The Ariston boilers are reliable, innovative and high-quality products that meet the modern needs of people in hot water, save money and use them safely.

Description of the storage electric water heater

The Ariston (storage type) boiler arrangement is a sealed tank to which a power cable and two pipes are connected: cold water supply and hot exhaust. In addition, the boiler is equipped with a magnesium anode, a heating element, a divider, a thermoregulator, a temperature sensor, a tripping device. The internal storage tank is covered with a heat-insulating layer on top. Mounting of the water heater to the wall is carried out with the help of a bracket. Boilers of high capacity, which are too heavy, are installed on the floor.

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The boiler operates according to the following principle:

  • Cold water enters the tank under the pressure of the system.
  • The water passes through the supply branch and the divider, filling the bottom of the inner tank.
  • TEN heats the cold water to the set temperature.
  • The thermostat switches off the heating element.
  • Heated water enters the upper part of the inner tank and is expelled by cold water to the outside through the outflow tube.

Electric boiler power

Choosing an electric water heater, take into account some technical nuances. One of which is the number of heating elements at the Ariston boiler. A device with a single heating element costs less than two. But the second option is convenient in that each heater is switched on separately, this makes it possible to economize the heating of water if the user is not in a hurry. If you need to quickly get hot water, include a second heater, which can act as a backup for the failure of the first.

Boilers with two heaters warm water in an accelerated mode, but consume, at the same time, more electricity than water heaters with one heater, which is more economical, but also the time for heating is required more. It is more rational to purchase a boiler with two heaters.

The power of the Ariston heaters is, kW.

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Boiler Ariston for 100 liters and 80 liters is recommended to buy for a large family. Having such volume of a water heater, it is possible to type a bath, but the power consumption of a 100-liter device is much higher than that of a 50-liter one.

A 50-liter Ariston boiler is the optimal choice for the consumption of energy consumed and the volume of hot water. Such a tank is considered a budget option, it is enough to get a bath of warm water or take a shower for 10-15 minutes.

The 30 liter capacity of the water heater is used to wash dishes or to wash under the shower for 5 minutes. This boiler heats the water very quickly, it can be safely turned off, leaving the house.

Other boiler characteristics

The Ariston brand offers several options for materials for making tanks: stainless steel, enamelled and ag + coating.

  • The shape of the instruments can be compact (ABS Shape Small, ABS Pro Small), which makes it convenient to place them, for example, under the sink.
  • Devices of the flat form (series ABS Velis QH, ABS Velis Power, etc.) are also very convenient to have in the apartment, they are characterized by high power.
  • The manufacturer also offers a series of narrow tanks (ABS Pro Eco Slim, ABS Blu R Slim, etc.), which is suitable for installation in a niche.
  • And another series of products - a cylindrical shape (ABS Pro R, ABS Pro Plus Power, etc.) with enamel coating.

By type of installation, boilers are divided into floor and wall. Boiler Ariston 200 liters - this is usually a floor version (a series of Platinum Industrial, TI Tronic Indastrial).

It is also possible to distinguish the type of gas water heaters that are large in volume and can be floor and wall. Such installations are economical due to the use of gas, but the technology of installing gas appliances is fundamentally different.

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Another group of boilers - with a built-in pump (wall and floor), they can be used in private houses, where the pipes have low pressure.

Advantages of the Ariston boilers

Reviews about the Ariston boilers are mostly positive, consumers note a reasonable ratio of the price and quality of this product. As a rule, negative feedback from the use of these devices is associated with improper installation and connection of the device.

The model of the Ariston SG 80 boiler of vertical installation proved to be excellent, consumers note the trouble-free operation of this device at a low price.

The main advantages of Ariston water heaters include:

  • Rapid heating of water.
  • Portion heating of water.
  • The function of water purification from bacteria is eco (at the same time it performs temperature equalization).
  • The nanomix function for economical filling of the tank.
  • The ABS system normalizes the power consumption during swings and unauthorized leaks.
  • The ag + coating with silver ions significantly extends the service life of the device.
  • Magnesium anode - an effective tool against the effects of destructive factors (corrosion, scale).
  • Attractive design.
  • Many forms and methods of installation.

Gas boilers Ariston

Gas accumulators Ariston storage type "SGA" series produce heating water using gas. For their work, conventional traction and an open combustion chamber are provided. The model range of these units in the wall version is represented by a volume from 50 to 100 liters, in the floor - from 120 to 200 liters. Depending on the volume and capacity, they are divided into household and production. Wall-mounted boilers with a volume of 50 to 100 liters consume, kW, gas boilers Ariston 200 liters kW.

Gas storage water heaters operate at a maximum working pressure of 8 bar, liquefied gas can be used as fuel. Under conditions of reduced water and gas pressure, the stability of the device is not impaired.

These boilers are equipped with the following elements:

  • piezo ignition, flame control sensor;
  • polyurethane foam insulation to minimize heat loss;
  • magnesium anode;
  • gas valve with safety unit (limit temperature sensor, smoke exhaust and thermocouple);
  • safety valve (protection against high pressure);
  • the regulator and the indicator of the water heating temperature.
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The water heating temperature can be set within 40-72 ° C. The thickness of the inner tank is more than, mm, the tank is covered with high-strength enamel, which ensures its durable operation. The outer casing is made of steel. The instrument is fully adapted to the Russian gas pressure of 13 mbar. Magnesium anode in combination with finely dispersed enamel provides high quality water, prevents the formation of scale. The presence of a dense layer of polyurethane foam insulation reduces heat loss and allows economical consumption of gas.

Indirect heating boilers Ariston

Accumulating indirect heating boilers Ariston is another type of water heater from the Italian brand. They are arranged as follows: in a container covered with thermal insulation, there is a heating coil passing through which the coolant heats the water in the tank. Such a system provides rapid heating of water and the possibility of connecting several points of water consumption.

Ariston indirect heating boilers are represented by three main series: "BS 1S "BS 2S "BACD". They have a different design, the volume of the tank can be from 150 to 500 liters. The more the power of the device and the area of ​​the coil, the faster the water is heated. The tanks are covered with a protective layer of titanium enamel, and the boiler body is made of steel, they are equipped with magnesium anodes to protect them from corrosion. In addition, these devices can be equipped with heating elements.

The "BS 1S" series is intended for connection to gas heating boilers, these boilers are made in the floor version. Water heaters of the "BS 2S" series can be connected to the solar collector. Boilers "BACD" are made in two versions of installation: floor and wall. They can be connected to gas wall heating boilers.

Video review of the boiler ARISTON ABS VLS PW 50 - 80

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