Connecting the hood in the kitchen to electricity: general requirements and steps, connecting with a cable, by replacing the outlet, holding a new line.

Extractor fan in the kitchenA range hood is a household appliance needed in every kitchen. Like any electrical device, this technique must be connected to the mains. Below are the features of connecting the exhaust device to electricity.

General requirements for connecting a kitchen hood to electricity

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  • General requirements for connecting a kitchen hood to electricity
  • Stages of connecting the hood to the mains
    • How to connect the hood in the kitchen to the electricity cable
    • Connecting the hood by replacing the outlet with a double
    • Carrying out a new exhaust line

The hood, as a rule, is connected to electricity through an outlet. This household appliance belongs to low power devices, which in maximum load mode consumes no more than 500 watts. For this reason, special requirements for the presence of a dedicated electrical line to the shield exclusively for connection there is no exhaust device - in the absence of a socket specially provided for these purposes, you can connect to the nearest neighboring. The cross-sectional area of ​​the wires should preferably be 2.5 mm.

An important requirement when connecting the hood is the presence of grounding. If he is not in your house or apartment, you must call an electrician to resolve this issue. The operation of the hood without a grounding system is prohibited, because it is accompanied by a risk to life in the event of a phase short to the device body.

Since the outlet will be installed in the upper part of the kitchen wall close to the stove, increased demands are placed on it for protection against moisture and dust. It is better to use models with a degree of protection of at least IP14.

Stages of connecting the hood to the mains

The main task of connecting the hood to the mains is reduced to the optimal choice of the location of the outlet. It should not be located in a prominent area of ​​the wall for aesthetic reasons. Eyeliner should also be hidden from view.

To carry out electrical work, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • screwdriver set (slotted and Phillips);
  • indicator screwdriver;
  • drill with a drill bit (if it is planned to install a new outlet);
  • crown (for concealed socket);
  • narrow-nose pliers;
  • nippers or pliers;
  • assembly hardware: dowels, self-tapping screws;
  • wire 3 x 1.5;
  • socket and box (for internal installation).

If it is necessary to lay a section of hidden wiring, you will have to use a wall chaser or a special nozzle for a perforator. For open lines, a plastic conduit for wires is useful.

How to connect a range hood

There are three options for organizing a connection:

  • using a loop;
  • by replacing a single outlet with a double;
  • connection of a dedicated electrical line from the distribution panel.

Let's consider each of them in more detail.

How to connect the hood in the kitchen to the electricity cable

This method is the simplest and most flexible if the outlet was not originally provided for the hood. To do this, you need to find the nearest household outlet with grounding closest to the selected location. To a newly installed electrical connector from an adjacent one, forward a three-core cable in an open or closed way. Connect it on both sides to the contacts. If the distance is small, it is permissible to use a cable with a cross section of 1.5 square meters. mm

Attention! Before carrying out the connection, it is necessary to disconnect the corresponding electric line using the circuit breaker in the panel. Do not forget to make sure that there is no voltage on the contacts with the indicator screwdriver, only then remove the socket housing.

Connecting the hood by replacing the outlet with a double

If a grounded electrical outlet already exists in the immediate vicinity of the device to be installed, but it is occupied by another consumer, there is no need to use a loopback connection. It is enough to replace the installed outlet with a double one and stretch the wire to it from the hood.

Using the first and second options for organizing power supply, make sure that the electric line to which a new outlet is connected, capable of providing the necessary power level taking into account additional consumption extractor hood.

Carrying out a new exhaust line

Carrying out a new line for connecting the hoodFor a number of reasons, sometimes you still have to choose the most difficult path and draw a new line from the switchboard to the installation site of the exhaust device. This method is the most reliable, since no other consumers will affect the operation of the device, and if necessary, you can always de-energize it, while maintaining the operability of other equipment.

Attention! In the case of performing work on disconnection in the electrical panel, be sure to turn off the input circuit breaker that supplies voltage, and check the absence of current with the indicator screwdriver.

In this case, you can place the outlet in the most convenient place for this, for example, above the hood, in an invisible area, at an accessible distance for the standard power cord. Route the wire onto a separate differential machine. When using a conventional circuit breaker, connect the line to the protective earth circuit. By connecting the wiring to the sockets on the other side and applying voltage to the shield, you can connect the plug and test the hood!

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