Advantages of use and step-by-step instruction for making a hammock for legs

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A unique hammock for the workers of cyberspace is a common hammock for the feet. This is a terrific gift that can be made to sysadmins, students, freelancers, teachers, office employees, and gamers. Sedentary work has many side effects, accompanied by severe diseases. Since these busy people do not always have time to visit the gyms, this device will be a real godsend for them.

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To appreciate the hammock for feet under the desktop will be able to all members of the family. It can be installed in two different positions: for rest and work. Adjust the height will help special elastic ropes. Thanks to them, it is possible to adjust the invention so that the legs are at an angle of almost 180 ° (pressed to the countertop) or slightly more than 90 ° (the seated will reach out to the floor). Thus, this design:

  • serves as a preventive agent of varicose veins;
  • relieves pain in joints;
  • removes puffiness;
  • relieves fatigue and fatigue.

In this case, such a device is installed very simply. For tables of open type, the master will need only half a minute. But with closed furniture you have to tinker a bit, but only 5 minutes.

Such a portable hammock for legs is easy to fold and compactly packed. Therefore, you can safely take it with you to work, beautifully packed in a purse.Using this invention, a person gives an opportunity to rest not only their feet, but also their brains. This kind of relaxation helps to restore strength, and also promotes productive mental work.

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Homemade hammock

You can do this yourself, but you only need to look for spare parts. The first step is to prepare the materials. They must be strong to withstand the maximum load. In this connection it is necessary to find:

  • a dense piece of fabric, mesh or other cloth;
  • two wooden slats of square shape;
  • rope;
  • fasteners.

Make this accessory much easier for an open table. After all, it has at least two supports to install the structure. Therefore, ordinary hooks are suitable as fasteners.

If the height of the table is 70 cm, then on one side of the hammock there is about 80-120 cm of cord. Of course, these dimensions are approximate, because much depends on the individual characteristics of the person.

Now it is important to determine the parameters. If the table width is within 130-150 cm, then the length of the hammock under the feet should be from 60 cm. The width of the accessory must be selected for the dimensions of its feet, approximately 25-30 cm. The length of the rope is selected depending on the height of the table. In this case, it should be cut into two equal segments. Having defined the materials, you can start the creative process:

  1. Prepare a piece of fabric, length - 70-80 cm, and width - 26-31 cm, this is already with the addition to the seams. Bend lengthwise 1 cm and stitch. On the sides bends, -6 cm, depending on the cross-section of the bar, and several lines are adjusted.
  2. On the edges of the wooden slats (each 65 cm) make holes for the cords. Then well grind the bars.
  3. In the formed fabric "tunnel" you need to slip the slats.
  4. On the one hand, it is necessary to tie the cord into a knot. Then put on a special slider - a plate with two holes.
  5. In the second hole, it is necessary to pass the cable so that it becomes double. It's important to fix this end on the rope, pushing it into the empty hole of the runner. Such a mechanism will serve as a fixator of height.
  6. On the side walls of the closed table (at the top) it is necessary to attach the hooks with the help of two screws.
  7. A hammock for legs under the open table can be fixed on special hooks-braces. They are made in the form of the letter "P in which the lower edge is slightly longer, and at its end there is a hook.

To the brackets do not slip on the table top, they can be glued on rubber gaskets. They should be only 30-40% of the area that is in contact with the surface of the table.

For those who do not like to make such crafts, manufacturers offer a ready-made version of the hammock for the feet.It is made of durable coniferous wood that can withstand up to 800 kg. Also fasteners made of high-quality steel. The fabric is elastic and not marking, although it is perfectly cleaned. A wide range of these accessories amazes customers with its diversity.

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The process of assembling a hammock for legs - video

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