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Despite the size of the land plot, it always wants to be refined. This can be both an expensive landscape design, and ideas for a dacha with their own hands, embodied with the help of improvised materials. A beautiful and original site is able to attract the attention of passers-by and visitors, and the owners themselves are only pushing to create even more interesting details. Below is a photo of the basic ideas for a summer house and a garden made with own hands from improvised materials.

Ideas for cottages or another life of old furniture

Furniture, which has not been used for a long time, can serve as faith and truth for more than a year. Having cleared it of the old paint and re-painted, you can create interesting ideas for giving:

  • chairs: removing the seat, in their place to install large flower pots;
  • a dining table: having fixed vertically a table-top against a wall of the house, thus having removed preliminary legs and having beaten two horizontal rejki-holders, it is possible to receive a support for footwear;
  • back of the chair: in different variations you can make a shelf or a hanger for small things, an original photo frame;
  • wooden bed: without legs in a suspended state on strong ropes or chains, a hanging bed is obtained;
  • sitting chair with back: if you remove the legs and attach the rope, you can build a children's swing.
  • door: an excellent base for racks, shelves, mirrors, hangers and even tables, headboards for beds.

As a rule, the old furniture is made of natural materials. In the skillful hands of a creative person, it will necessarily become the basis of new and useful interior items.

Ideas for a car tire garden

Perhaps the used car tires are the most common material for the implementation of ideas for the garden and dacha. From the flexible and durable rubber, entertaining figures of animals, beautiful flowerpots, swings for children, sandbox, sandals for work on the plot and even furniture are obtained. They are carried out very simply and easily fit into the villa interior.

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When cutting a solid part of the tires are used an electric jigsaw, a durable knife and a Bulgarian, and for decoration - aerosol or oil paints. The handmade materials are rope, fixing bolts and screws, nails, wire and fishing line. You can also use whole tires. From dug in the ground, beautiful fencing of the sites, a garden staircase, alpine hills, multi-level beds, a small pond.

Ordinary stones

A stone is a reliable natural material, which is an excellent piece of décor decor. Stone ornaments are not afraid of weather conditions, do not lose their color and shape. Large boulders and small pebbles can be used in composition with beautiful plants in Japanese or Italian style, suitable for creating garden paths or bizarre sculptures.

An original idea for a dacha made of stone is an alpine slide or rock garden - rockery. They are created from stones of different sizes, unpretentious low-growing trees and plants. Sometimes the rock garden is decorated with a stream or a pond.

One of the classic uses of stones in the garden is fountains. In such structures, the wet stone plays a new color and acquires an interesting look. In an old tree or a stump of stones you can make a small house for gnomes. Lovers of exotic plants can create a garden from the stones. And enterprising craftsmen can build mobile stone paths, having made them from a metal grid and having enclosed in them a pebble.


Painting on the stone - another good solution for decorating the garden. For the picture, you can choose any story or picture: a ladybird, a house, a smile, a cat. Applying the outline in pencil, it should be painted with acrylic paints.

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Interesting ideas for cottages with plastic bottles

Plastic is an easily accessible and inexpensive material. Thanks to such qualities as strength, flexibility and durability, modern craftsmen have found many options for using it:

  • funny crafts;
  • toolboxes and accessories;
  • Protective fences for trees from rodents and flowers;
  • mini-greenhouse for seedlings;
  • a bird feeder and a fly trap;
  • water dispenser;
  • Pots and flower pots for street flowers.

For more serious ideas for giving, made with their own hands made of plastic, you will need a large number of bottles. For example, to build a gazebo, greenhouses, support for climbing plants.

For these purposes, you should be patient and witty. Dacha structures are erected from sand or earth filled containers and fastened with screws. The primer will give strength and reliability to the structure.

Summer ideas: we use the bars of trees

Wicker structures made of twigs are the most economical variant of decor in the country. You can weave baskets, gazebos, benches, arches, supports for climbing plants, curbs for flower beds, fences and ponds fencing.

But the most common is a fence - a wattle fence. They can protect not only the dacha section, but also provide a recreation area, a place for pets or green spaces. Completed with their own hands, this idea for giving in pictures and on the site looks especially and original.

For the creation of a wicker fence, twigs of willow trees are used that grow in the lowlands near the water. You can also use a young aspen, hazel or any available branches of garden trees. For weaving, annual shoots are taken, which are harvested in autumn. They are sanded, dried, tied in bundles and stored for storage. Before use, the dry vine should be well roasted, and for maximum protection - it is good to treat with antiseptic for wood.

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Unfortunately, the traditional wattle fence is short-lived, it can last no more than 5 years. To prevent decay of the fence, it is necessary to install a low brick foundation or to make a small drainage from the sand. Also, the wattle can be made of cattails or reeds.

Any product from a vine is better to paint with natural dyes:

  • hydrogen peroxide will give the bars a white color;
  • potassium permanganate or stain will give a brown color;
  • Iron vitriol will make a gray shade.

Everything depends on the creative nature of the master and skillful hands.

We build a miniature pond

Each summer resident wants to install a decorative pond on his plot. After all, a pond is an indicator of the designer's art and mastery of the master. Regardless of whether a small area of ​​the territory or there is no possibility to equip the construction of a full-scale pond, today this idea is quite feasible. Let's consider some interesting and quite simple ideas for a summer residence with a photo of miniature reservoirs.

Technology they have in common - the selected reservoir is filled with gravel, pots with aquatic plants and is flooded with water:

  1. For a pond, you can use small tanks: large flower pots, a bowl, a tub.
  2. Pond in the maximum capacity. The tank is installed in the selected place of the garden.
  3. The old barrel, dug up mostly in the ground, creates a stationary, deep pond. It can be equipped with a fountain or a small waterfall.
  4. A pond on the terrace. A container is suitable for this option. Attached wheels allow you to make a miniature pond mobile.
  5. The smallest pond can be built at home. Such a piece of nature will brighten up dull winter evenings, and in the summer - a terrace in the country.

The imagination of the masters is unlimited: some dacha ideas are embodied for an hour, others spend a whole day. But in any case, the dacha creative provokes positive emotions and serves as an excellent decor of the land plot. Read more about the design of the garden or vegetable garden here!

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