How to check the water heater on the heating element serviceability: checking multimeter and lamp contact

Currently boilers for heating water have become widely popular. Their use is relevant not only for people living in the houses. Such equipment is often installed in a variety of enterprises and hostels, as well as catering establishments and other areas. And heating the water in these devices is due TENu. But sometimes, this accessory is broken, which is why the water is not heated more, and there is a need of urgent repair.

That is why we decided to tell you about how to check the heating element on the performance, as well as the most frequent failures details.

How to check the heater on serviceability

The content of the article

  • How to check the heater on serviceability
    • Check with a multimeter
    • Test using the contact bulb
  • The most common causes of breakdowns

PETN check multimeterInside the heating element is a wire coil having a high electrical resistivity. And at the time of the current through it is heated. This facilitates filling the space between the spiral and the casing heat, and as a consequence there is heating water. But sometimes heaters fail to fulfill their direct function, and the main reason is the fact breakage of PETN

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Check with a multimeter

how to set the multimeterAt the initial stage, the device will need to activate a minimum resistance measuring mode. Then take the ends of the device, and touch them a set of conclusions. If the spiral cut short, then the instrument will be set to "1", which will be replaced with a real resistance. And it's like, and infinite resistance. This suggests that there is an open circuit, and the item must be replaced immediately.

But in situations where the display unit will be "0" will indicate a fault occurs. And in this case also need urgent replacement unit for the resumption of heating water.

Also, it is imperative and checking for leakage current. For this purpose, activate on the multimeter zummetra mode. One probe leans to the conclusion, and the second to the body PETN. If the buzzer emits a characteristic squeak, you need to change the item.

Test using the contact bulb

contact inspection lampthe heating element can be checked without multimeter using control light. This device includes two copper wires with one living. On one ends of the probes are located and connected to the opposite tool holder. The last and the lamp is 220 V, which is protected by a durable housing. If you have any desire to make such a device can be his own, and this task will be easy, even for inexperienced wizard.

In order to check heating element you need to first contact to throw a zero on the network, and the second control vase lamp. If the lamp lights up, then there is no break, but in the reverse situation will need urgent replacement parts.

The most common causes of breakdowns

malfunctionFault in the heating element can be set, but there are the most common damage, which will be presented below.

1. Spiral filament burns out.
2. Has closed an incandescent wire to the body parts. Use of equipment with a similar malfunction could cause an electric shock.
3. On the surface layer of the device formed a large scale. Over time, it just starts to impede heat transfer components, and as a result the equipment will not be effective, and no more water to heat up. And at the untimely elimination of the causes may be a serious failure of PETN, which is why you will need expensive repairs or urgent need arises to replaced parts.

To prevent malfunction indicated above, and as a result save yourself from unnecessary financial waste, you only need to regularly check the details with the help of mentioned above ways!

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