How to choose a toaster. Key parameters for choosing a toaster for your home

Four-compartment toasterWith a toaster, you can bake bread without butter. What is the difference from a pan? Bread without frying in butter becomes dry or simply charred by evaporation of the liquid from the product. When using a toaster, the bread will remain tender and crackle.

Cooking with a toaster is much easier than cooking in a pan. Time takes literally a few minutes, while you do not need to stand at the stove, but you can calmly pack up, wash, brush your teeth.

Toasters are suitable for a large family. Modern models can bake up to half a loaf of bread. The devices are very functional, saving space and time. They are easy to operate, in fact, even a child can easily control such kitchen appliances.

Using a toaster is recommended for sandwiches, sandwiches, shawarma and other culinary delights. You can use household appliances in the kitchen and in public catering establishments.

Types of toasters, which firm is the best toaster to choose

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  • Types of toasters, which firm is the best toaster to choose
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  • Which toaster to choose
    • One of the best - a sandwich toaster
    • One of the best is a toaster for hot sandwiches
    • One of the best - grill toaster
    • One of the best - shawarma toaster
    • One of the best is a professional toaster
    • One of the best is a horizontal toaster
    • One of the best - toaster roaster
    • One of the best - 3 in 1 toaster
  • How to choose a toaster
    • Main settings
    • Volume
    • Power
    • Number of heating elements and cooking modes
    • Thermostat
    • Timer
  • Equipment
    • Removable tray
    • Bun Warmer
    • Off button
  • How to care for a toaster
  • Toaster selection video

These devices are divided into several classes:

  • Tame. A toast is being prepared itself, but the revolution is carried out using a special handle.
  • Semiautomatic device. These configurations are equipped with a special thermostat that controls the temperature of the baked bread slice.
  • Machine. The configuration has a timer, thermostat. After cooking, the toasts are automatically tossed, which prevents them from being burned or overcooked.

Breakfast toasterDevices are for domestic or professional use. Additionally, the equipment is divided into a grill, and microwave ovens have a similar function.

Recently, original instrument configurations, for example, transparent panels, drawing images, an additional surface for frying, have come into fashion.

Which toaster to choose

If you think that the higher the price, the better the quality, then you can buy a bork device. The company is respected in the market, has high quality, but the buyer overpays for the brand.

  • If the main thing in the toaster is functions and high quality, then a bosch appliance will be a good acquisition.
  • Cheap priced options break quickly. These are products of Scarlett, Vitek, Sinbo, etc.
  • Good value for money for companies Moulinex, Zanussi, Binatone, Philips, Siemens, Tefal. These firms make finished products from good materials, the life of such devices is long.

One of the best - a sandwich toaster

Rating of models:

Sandwich toasterIn the first place is a sandwich maker Mulinex SM 1541. It is controlled by mechanics, there is a power indicator. Can be stored vertically, the lid is locked. Easy to care, the device has a very short cord.

In second place is a Philips Sandwich Maker HD 2383. 4 sandwiches are baked immediately, there is an indicator of heating and readiness. The handle is locked with a special lock. You can prepare meals in it in three minutes, there is a compartment for storing the cord. Cons: if you put a small amount of filling, the lid of the device simply may not close.

In third place is the Tefal sandwich maker SM 3000 72. At the same time, the appliance cooks 4 servings at once. Displays readiness and on level. Pros: fast cooking and easy care. Inside the coating is non-stick. Cons: turns on not with the button, but when connected to the network.

In fourth place is the Redmond RSM M1402 sandwich maker. Fries rectangular sandwiches, up to 4 pieces at a time. It has high compactness, loyal value. There is a lid lock, but if there is a lot of filling on the bread, then the lid is difficult to close.

In fifth place is the Clatronic CT 3477 sandwich maker. Inside it has a non-stick coating, mechanically controlled, at the same time it cooks up to 4 sandwiches. Easy to care for. Disadvantage: there is no inclusion toggle switch and a small cord length.

One of the best is a toaster for hot sandwiches

Sandwich toasterModels from Bosch. The manufacturer prefers to make mechanical control models with a small number of options. Their products are reliable, have high speed and power. It features high performance and reliability.

Philips models are ergonomic, easy to operate and compact. The device has two compartments, non-slip legs and a housing with high insulation. The internal cavities are spacious, there is a display.

Moulinex models have high functionality and are easy to manage. Caring for them is simple, because most toasters of this company have a washing surface.

Redmond models have low power, roomy, save electricity. They are quite spacious, often equipped with indicators to determine product readiness.

One of the best - grill toaster

  • Grill toasterPhilips works in almost any price segment.
  • Bosch produces fairly powerful and reliable toasters in a metal or plastic case.
  • Bork makes toasters with innovative solutions. Usually these are several zones for making bread with different roasts.

One of the best - shawarma toaster

  • The Nostalgia electrics btg-100blk model has many functions, a grill is built into it, there is a folding panel.
  • VES SK-A10 - is compact. The surface for work is embossed, coated with a non-stick coating. The configuration has a thermostat.
  • Steba PG 4.4 CONT. GRILL-AND WAFFLE (PG 4.4). This is a German-made device, the plates in it can be changed. There are several degrees of adjustment. The toaster is considered very reliable. Good for baking, has convection heating. This is a reliable device with large dimensions, ergonomic, with a modern design.

One of the best is a professional toaster

  • Professional toasterModel with high practicality GASTRORAG TT-EST-A-2. Used in catering establishments. The case is made of stainless steel.
  • Panini is a compact device with all the necessary functions.
  • Sirman 4Q - Italian model of a professional toaster. The orientation is horizontal, the quality of the device is high.

One of the best is a horizontal toaster

  • Sirman 4Q. A model with double grill, at the same time can prepare up to 4 toasts. There are tongs for taking out sandwiches.
  • A151.300. The device with horizontal adjustment can produce up to 80 toasts in 60 minutes. It has a sufficient number of functions.
  • Roller grill RST 1270. This is a practical model with high power and good performance.

One of the best - toaster roaster

  • Toaster roasterDelonghi EO 12001. The temperature configuration indicator is included in the model configuration, there is a tray for crumbs. The tray is removed.
  • Philips HD 2686. The model has 2 compartments. There are several modes of frying, defrosting function, heating.
  • Siemens TT 911 P2 has two compartments and several frying modes. The control is not mechanical, but electronic. There is a grate for heating and a tray for collecting crumbs. There is a display.
  • Panasonic NT-GT1WTQ. The toaster has a temperature indicator, a baking sheet is removed, there is a tray for collecting crumbs.
  • Bosch TAT 6101. The model has 2 compartments. There are several modes of toasting.

One of the best - 3 in 1 toaster

IRIT IR-5140Model IRIT IR-5140. Consists of three parts: roaster (five-liter oven for hot sandwiches, with temperature control), a coffee maker for 4-6 cups with a removable filter, a baking pan, on which you can cook fried eggs.

How to choose a toaster

Main settings

What do you need to pay attention to the buyer? Power, number of compartments, type of heating elements, temperature control system, device body material, additional functions and structural elements.


Happy breakfastTwo departments are enough for a small family - This is a classic performance of most models. For a large family, it is better to choose device designs that allow you to cook 4 slices of bread. And also in this case, you can use a horizontal device that allows you to place 4 toasts in each of the two compartments. For catering, preferably a conveyor device.


The greater the power of the appliance, the faster the preparation. Standard power ranges from 600 to 1500 watts. This does not give a large energy consumption, because the device works, as a rule, not for long.

Number of heating elements and cooking modes

Typically, the toaster has standard electric heaters. But more and more often there are elements on a quartz basis. They make roasting more uniform and consume less power.

In addition to the cooking function, models may also defrost food or heat.


The device has six levels of frying, now there are models that can fry in 11 modes. The thermostat allows you to choose the frying time and the cooking level.


The timer is a convenient device that allows you to notify the owner of the device about readiness. The automatic toaster itself extracts cooked food. Notifying of readiness. The semiautomatic device does not extract food, it just notifies about the expiration of the frying time.


Removable tray

On such a pan all the crumbs that penetrate the body fall. Sometimes the device may not accumulate them, they get enough sleep through the slots.

Bun Warmer

It is placed over the toaster, in it you can warm pastries with or without filling. Heating is carried out using hot air streams.

Off button

With this button you can turn off the equipment at any time of the mode, without waiting for its end.

How to care for a toaster

In order to clean the toaster, you need to unplug it from the outlet. Once every 7 days, shake out all crumbs from the appliance. Removable parts are removed and washed. Inside, the equipment compartments are cleaned with a soft bristle brush. It is possible to carry out self-cleaning by “driving off” the device 2-3 times without food. The stainless steel case is washed with a special polish.

Important: Do not clean it with brushes with hard bristles, abrasive powders. It is better to polish with a soft cloth or liquid gel.

Toaster selection video

Also, to better understand the issue, a video will be useful to you:

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