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Every mistress wants to see a beautiful and neat yard. Solve this issue, you can plant ampel flowers for pots, photos and names are presented below. These are unique plants. With their help, it is easy to decorate a balcony or terrace, as well as hide from a human eye a flaw.

What are flowers for growing in pots?

In nature, this group of plants is ground-bred, and when growing houses, they form lush bushes, the shoots of which gently stretch to the ground. A special attraction to these flowers is attached to leaves, which are often shiny.

To ampelnye flowers were beautiful, watering should be done daily, and on hot days - twice a day.

The main types of drooping ampel colors for pots:

  1. Chlorophytum. This is a perennial ornamental-deciduous plant with narrowish light-green leaves. Buds are small. In their loose form they have a snow-white hue. This type of plant does not need special care. Chlorophytums are the most unpretentious flowers for growing in flower pots. They perfectly develop in the shade and in the sun. Such plants can be planted in any kind of soil. The flower well tolerates a prolonged drought. Even if the leaves wilted, they are very quickly restored after watering.
  2. Begonia (ampel). An abundantly flowering culture, with proper care that is abundantly covered with colorful flowers. Buds can reach 8 centimeters in diameter. Depending on the variety, the flowers are terry, semi-double and simple. Often they acquire a red and coral hue, but also are orange, white, yellow, raspberry and burgundy. Begonia blooms from the beginning of spring until the end of autumn.
  3. Ipomea or bindweed. This is one of the most popular plants. It can be grown both on the street and in the room. To glory for a long time pleased with its flowering, it must provide a lot of light and water often. The uniqueness of the flower is the shoots that resemble the vine. Deciduous plates are narrow. Flowers are presented in the form of a funnel, they please with their unusual appearance only one day, after which they wither. But this behavior of the plant is not very noticeable, as many new buds appear daily on shoots.
  4. Fuchsia (ampel). An incredibly beautiful plant, the flowers of which can acquire a different shade. Buds grow medium in size. In their loose form they can be double, simple and semi-double. These are the best flowers for planting in the pots at the dacha. They are indiscriminate in their care. To the plant abundantly blossom, it should be systematically watered and occasionally fed.
  5. Bacopa (ampel). A perennial variety, but gardeners often use it as an annual one. Flowers and leaves are small. They can be white, blue, purple and pink. Bakop flowers throughout the summer period. Wintering is best tolerated on a glazed balcony, where the air temperature is within 50 C.
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No less popular hanging flowers for pots on the street is dichondra, calibrracho, petunia.

The latter kind, because of the variety of shades, is often used to create interesting compositions. Petunia has gained its popularity thanks to its bright and large flowers. If the plant is properly planted and observe the minimum rules of care, it will decorate the site throughout the summer season.

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Growing ampel colors in pots

To make flowers for hanging flowerpots on the street healthy, there are some secrets of their growing. Many who wish to embellish the yard with them, do not know how to plant flowers in pots. Knowing the subtlety of this procedure, you can achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Plant flowers on a cloudy day or in the evening.


To grow a new plant, you can use seeds, sprouts or cuttings. The second method is more effective. Plants grown in this way, less sick and pleasing with abundant flowering.

Seed sowing should be carried out in early spring. To grain sprouted faster, you should use a mini-greenhouse. The first shoots can be observed after one or two weeks. As soon as two young leaves appear on the young flowers, you can proceed to a separate vase.

Before planting cuttings must be rooted. To do this, they should be placed in water for several days. After the appearance of rootlets transplanted into the soil.

Care for ampel colors:

  1. Location. All kinds of ampel plants prefer well-lit places. It is not recommended to plant pots in the southern part of the site and in a draft, this can damage the flower. In the shadow, the number of buds will decrease significantly, and the shoots themselves will stretch.
  2. The soil. Planting seedlings should be in light soil, which will pass water well. Earth can be bought or cooked by yourself. To do this, carefully mix two parts of soil and peat, as well as parts of sand.
  3. Top dressing. Fertilize the bushes once a week. To do this, you can use universal funds or special formulations for each of the species.
  4. Watering. Irrigate is recommended with standing water. In this case, the liquid should not be icy. It is best to use water for irrigation, which stood for days on the street.
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To ampelnym florets lacked nutrients, should be planted in a flower pot in size from 3 to 5 liters. The volume depends on how many pieces of plants will grow in it. If several kinds of flower flowers are planned to be planted in the same vase, then one must take into account the strength of each of them. This will help to protect the weak plants from drying out.


For those who do not know what flowers to plant in the pots on the street, it is recommended to pay attention to the list of species. All grades, which are indicated above, are undemanding. They grow quickly and blossom abundantly. Proper care for ampel plants will help radically transform any site, balcony or terrace.

Video review of ampel colors

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