How to grow lobelia seedlings on your own

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Lobelia is considered the best curb plant. It reproduces seedlings grown from seeds, and needs great attention throughout the whole process of growth.

Soil preparation

Seeding lobelia on seedlings can be carried out in any soil, the main thing - that it was soft and loose.
For this purpose, peat tablets, soil for houseplants from the store, garden compost, pre-shed its phytosporin for the prevention of diseases, such as, for example, black leg.
Seedlings are grown in shallow landing boxes, with a height of the flanges of about 5 cm.

Optimum planting time for lobelia for seedlings

On seedling, the seeds of the plant are sown at the end of February. This is due to the fact that in the first period of its development, the growth of lobelia is slow, since in the beginning the root system of the plant is growing.

However, after two weeks, sometimes even earlier, seedlings appear. At the time of their appearance, the length of the light day is not sufficient for their full development, and the shoots are stretched, become weak. To prevent this, apply backlight.

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How to plant a seedling on a seedling

Because the seeds are very small, they are mixed with dry sand - this will protect the crops from thickening.

  • The soil is leveled, slightly compacted, seeds are scattered. Above them do not fall asleep with soil, but only slightly roll, moisten abundantly.
  • Then the planting box is laid in a plastic bag - it turns out a kind of mini-greenhouse, and set in a warm place.
    It is necessary to do this, as the seeds germinate at a temperature of +22 ° C.

Tip:so that fresh air enters the seedlings of the lobelia, make a few holes in the polyethylene. Then there will be no condensation, and in fact it is the cause of the death of germination.

Care of seedlings

Periodically, it is necessary to open a box for ventilation and soil moisture control to avoid the appearance of mold.
Watering is carried out moderately, according to the drying of the soil.
To use it, a nebulizer is used, which must be adjusted to a fine fraction of the drops, watered very carefully.
At the first stage, the plant does not need fertilizing.

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Growing sprouts lobelia strong and healthy will help to comply with the following rules:

  • as soon as shoots appear, remove polyethylene from the box and lower the temperature of the contents to +15 ° C;
  • a month later, with the appearance of two pairs of full-leaf leaves, picks plants at 5-6 pieces per well, the distance between the bushes is about 4 cm;
  • Two weeks later, supplement the seedlings with complex fertilizer.

Picks are carried out in order to strengthen the root system and make it grow more actively. Then the bushes of lobelia will be more magnificent. Possible repeated picking, in which each bush is planted in a separate container. For this purpose it is convenient to use peat disposable cups. When the height of the seedling reaches about 3 cm, the tip of the seedling is pricked - this facilitates the formation of lush bushes.

Important!It must be borne in mind that when the lobelia dives with bundles, the shoots grow thin, and the flowers are small.

For the seeded seedlings the soil is taken more nutritious than for sowing lobelia for seedlings.

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So grow the seedlings of lobelia until the end of May, when the probability of repeated frosts is minimal. In the soil seedlings are planted with a distance of 15 cm between them. Blooming flowers can be admired in June, and continues to bloom before the arrival of frost.

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