Universal smart knife with Aliexpress


Every day, all cooks are faced with cutting. For any dish, you need to crumble some product, whether it's carrots, meat or cheese. Even bread before eating should be cut.

Usually the cutting takes place on a cutting board. And what happens if you combine a board and a knife in one device? Manufacturers answered this question and created a clever knife that really combines these two devices. Looks like a normal scissors. With it, the cutting process takes much less time. In addition, during the cutting, a clever knife does not damage the fingers in any way.

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Also, you will no longer need to use a cutting board. To cut it is possible directly a canopy: above a saucepan, a frying pan or a bowl for salad. And to control the thickness of cutting is also quite simple.

Advantages of a smart knife:

  1. Simplicity. Use a clever knife as a normal scissors.
  2. Speed. Thanks to this device, the cutting speed is increased several times.
  3. Order. If you cut the products into a canopy, you no longer have to use a board, a bowl for temporary storage, and the like. Thus, there will always be order on the table, there will not be a huge amount of dirty dishes.
  4. Security. Since a clever knife is used as a scissors, it does not in any way hurt the fingers.
  5. Versatility. With this knife you can cut absolute any products: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and even bread.
  6. Purity. After using the knife, rinse thoroughly with water. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher.
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A clever knife is useful in any kitchen. But how much does it cost? Russian and Ukrainian online stores offer this device for 490 rubles. Quite a suitable amount for such an unusual device.

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However, on AliExpress you can buy exactly the same clever knife for only 284 rubles. For such an excellent price it is really worth buying this device.

Characteristics of the Chinese smart knife:

  • material - stainless steel and plastic;
  • the length of the knife is 25 cm;
  • length of blade - 1 cm;
  • black color.

Thus, a clever knife will make cutting fast and quality. However, this device is worth buying only directly from the Chinese manufacturer. After all, it is he who offers a fairly reasonable price for this device.

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