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If you visit the dacha only in certain seasons of the year, you need to seriously think about ensuring the proper level of security on the site. In today's market there are quite a few similar security systems that are difficult to distinguish from each other. What kind of signaling is the most acceptable for installation in the country?

In fact, the best option for a private home is digital signaling. Its advantages are as follows:

  • the budget price;
  • speed - instant notification of the owner of the site about the threat;
  • the presence of signals of different types (light, sound).
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In Russia, as in other Eastern European countries, it is difficult to find high-quality signaling at a low price. Manufacturers overstate the price of this product. For example, in one of the largest Internet shops in Russia, standard digital signaling will cost you in the amount of 5 to 15 thousand rubles (depending on the capabilities and technical specifications device).

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It should be noted that some models of security systems from popular brands require regular maintenance, which can "fly you a pretty penny."

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Get a good GSM signaling and save a substantial amount if you order the goods by direct delivery from China. The price of the lot is 4 470 rubles. Quite good value for such structured signaling.

The package includes the following components:

  • central unit;
  • remote controls;
  • motion sensors (4 pieces);
  • fire protection system.

Some buyers of this product complain about the seller's lack of Russian-language instructions for setting up the device, and we recommend watching the video:

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The user can independently adjust the alarm time. The built-in LCD central screen displays information about all connected sensors. Also, the user can set a password to turn off the signal.

The device itself is able to display information in Russian, English, Spanish or French. To better familiarize yourself with the proposed product, see the detailed overview of the package with the alarm in the video:

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