Egg shell fertilizer: application for tomatoes and cucumbers

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It has long been noticed that after watering with infusion of eggshell, indoor plants develop more actively and bloom better. I want to try to feed some vegetables in this way. Tell me, how can I use egg shells for fertilizing cucumbers and tomatoes?

Egg shell has been used for a long time as a fertilizer for the cultivation of garden crops, including tomatoes and cucumbers. It contains a complex of microelements needed for plants:

  • calcium carbonate;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium phosphate;
  • iron, sulfur and others.

All the nutrients that make up the shell are quickly and easily absorbed by the plants, which positively affects their development.

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Experienced gardener practice such ways of using eggshells as fertilizers for cucumbers and tomato:

  • preparation of liquid infusion;
  • direct application to the soil;
  • planting of plantations for the purpose of disease prevention;
  • as a drainage or container when growing seedlings.

Liquid infusion for root dressings

A solution based on shredded eggshell is an excellent tool to feed both seedlings and grown tomatoes with cucumbers growing in the open ground or in a greenhouse. To do this, the eggshells must first be ground to form a fine powder. Pour it into a jar and add boiling water (1 L). Insist for 5 days, stirring occasionally. Use for watering under the root.

The egg shell must be rinsed thoroughly before use, removing the protein residues, and drying.

Direct application to soil and dusting of plants

Due to its composition, the egg powder favorably affects the soil, neutralizing its acidity. Only 2 tbsp. shredded shell per 1 sq. m. m. will allow to prepare a site for planting seedlings of tomatoes and cucumbers. You can add the powder to the soil and immediately before planting the crops, adding it to each well.

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Egg shell serves as a protective measure in the fight against diseases such as black leg. Powdered fine fraction is recommended to powder plants on the sheet.

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The use of shells in the cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes and cucumbers

If eggshells are simply chopped into small pieces (without making a powder), they can be used as a drainage layer for pots in which seedlings grow. Such a drainage will simultaneously retain moisture, as well as saturate the soil with nutrients.


Whole halves of eggs will serve as an excellent alternative to seeding plants. They also feed the earth, moreover, it is easy to transplant such seedlings into the open ground, without damaging the root system. The shell can be simply crushed slightly in the hands, without removing the plant, and together with it you can put it on the bed.

Fertilizing the garden with eggshell - video

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