How to properly water roses in hot weather?

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I have a small rose garden, still quite young, but already survived the first losses. Last summer, one bush just dried, although it was watered on a par with everyone. Tell me, how correctly to water roses in hot weather?

Almost every florist in the flowerbed has at least one rose bush, and their lovers plant whole rosaries of beautiful plants. The main advantage of the queen of flowers are beautiful inflorescences of various colors and species. In order for roses to enjoy their flowering, they need proper care.

One of the main factors affecting the laying of inflorescences and their further development is the correct watering of bushes, especially in hot weather. The lack of moisture has a disastrous effect on roses. Buds first fade, and with a long "water diet" inflorescence over time become more small.

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To ensure optimal moisture for roses, it is worth considering some points that affect its quality:

  • the composition of the soil on which roses grow;
  • age and size of bushes;
  • abundance and frequency of watering;
  • time of irrigation;
  • watering method.

Soil Composition

When watering, you need to consider what type of soil on which roses are grown, and how well it holds moisture. So, if the soil is sandy, the water will evaporate from it quickly, and watering the plant will be required more often. On clay soils moisture will stay longer and watering in this case will be more rare.

In heavy clay soils it is necessary to make compost, preferably before planting a bush.

Age and size of rose bushes

Roses need a certain amount of water, depending on whether the young or adult plant. The newly planted bushes do not yet have a sufficiently strong, formed root system, so they require more moisture. Especially important is the sufficient amount of water in the period of survival (the first 6 months).

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In older adult bushes, especially large ones, the roots already grow deeper and go to the sides. This means that they also require more moisture.


Abundance and frequency of watering

One adult rose bush during the appearance of leaves, as well as after the first flowering, requires at least 15 liters of water. The soil should be well moistened in depth by 30 cm. Under normal weather conditions, it is enough to do this once a week. As for how to water roses in hot weather in summer, then in such conditions plants need more moisture and pay attention to them every 2-3 days.

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To prevent moisture quickly evaporate, the bushes should preferably be covered with horse manure. Mulch should be changed every spring.

Watering time

The most favorable time for watering is early morning. If you do this at lunch, when the sun is in full swing, you can cause burns on the leaves. Evening time is also not suitable, because then on the wet leaves there is mold.

Method of watering

For irrigation use permanent rain water and a watering can from which the liquid leaves several streams (as from a shower). If poured by a single jet, it quickly blurs the earth around the bush and can bare the roots.

Basic rules for watering roses - video

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