Automatic Timer for Watering from China


In urban apartments, you can often find a "smart house" system. Lighting, video surveillance, electricity and climate are a huge set of functions that make your life more comfortable.

On the country site, on the contrary, everything has to be done manually. Unfortunately, experts have not yet come up with devices for the automatic processing of beds from weeds or harvesting, but something in Russian online stores can still be found.

If you are bored with plastic watering cans and ever-tangled hoses, think about installing a watering system. Your main assistant will be an automatic timer to control the water supply. Greenhouses, beds, greenhouses and lawns - such a controller is indispensable in the suburban area.

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Many owners of the "six hectare" trips to the dacha are associated exclusively with work in the house and on the site, so the sultry summer evening is the last thing you want to do watering plants. The timer is suitable for all kinds of hoses leading to a garden sprayer or drip irrigation system.

The device operates at a pressure of 0 to 6 bar and gravity flow. You can set your own watering program for a week - up to ten times each day, the duration of irrigation is up to 12 hours. The cost of the controller in domestic online stores - from 1500 rubles. The manufacturer recommends the use of the device only in a domestic setting.

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It's no secret that most of the goods are of Chinese origin. Automatic timer for watering was no exception, so in search of profitable offers, buyers come to the site AliExpress. On the international platform the product can indeed be bought twice as cheaply - about 700 rubles.

The waterproof case is equipped with an additional cover. On the front panel there is an LCD-display, a compartment for batteries (type AAA) and control buttons. Testimonials confirm the quality of the device. The timer switches on at the set time and makes it much easier to care for the summer cottage area. In addition, customers argue that a small pressure is necessary to open the valve - this means that information about work in gravity or pressure 0 is incorrect.

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The set contains an instruction in English, but the configuration of the controller takes quite a bit of time.

Comments in reviews are also associated with poor packaging of the goods and the awkward location of the battery compartment.

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