Lawn care is necessary all year round

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To the lawn was beautiful and pleased you for a long time, you need to constantly look after it. Care includes:

  1. Top dressing with nitrogen fertilizers in early spring.
  2. Scarification and aeration.
  3. Periodic haircut and constant watering in the summer.
  4. Top-dressing throughout the season with complex mineral fertilizers.

We will analyze each stage in more detail.

Top dressing of the lawn in the early spring

After the end of winter, when all the snow melts on the site, you can start working on the lawn. In early spring, in March, it is necessary to introduce ammonium nitrate into the soil from the calculation of 30-40 g per 1 m2 of area.

Do not apply fertilizer to the lawn roll if it is planted in late autumn and has not managed to take root. Top dressing can be done only after the plants are fully rooted.

Scarification and aeration

After the soil is completely dry, somewhere in early April, it is necessary to make scarification and aeration of the lawn.

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This is necessary in order to remove a tight caked "felt formed from dry grass. It interferes with the growth of young shoots, as well as the penetration of sunlight into the lower layer of the lawn. Nutrients, oxygen and moisture do not go to the roots of plants, which can lead to their withering away.

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If you have a small lawn in front of the house, then proaerirute it using a rake. If the lawn occupies a large area, it is better to conduct aeration using a gasoline or electric aerator. It performs two functions at once: scarification and aeration. Knives, located on the shaft of the working organ, he combs all the last year's grass and punctures the soil, improving the structure of the lawn.

It is better to use gasoline aerators. They are more powerful and more convenient to operate.

Mowing and watering

Immediately after the aeration, go through the area with a lawn mower. This will ensure the leveling of the surface and the collection of all dry grass raised up. After we make ammonium nitrate: 3-4 kg per 100 m2 of area.


When the heat comes to +15 -20 degrees, we turn on watering. In the spring you can water every other day.

In summer, at a temperature of +30degreesand above, the lawn needs to be watered daily! Mow the grass - once a week, at a height of 5-10 cm.

Lawn fertilizing throughout the season

After June and until the middle of September, produce additional fertilizer complex mineral fertilizers, such as nitroamophoska. It has all the necessary elements for good growth and development of plants.

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If you follow all the recommendations, then you will have a chic emerald lawn.

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