Amazing crafts for the garden and the garden with their own hands

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To get a good harvest in your garden or garden, you do not need the best tools and fertilizers, but enthusiasm, golden hands and pleasure from work. And it is doubly pleasant to work on the site, which also pleases the eye with its cleanliness, accuracy and individual beauty. Of course, to afford to buy elements of decor for the garden or services of the landscape designer is far from many it is necessary on a pocket therefore it is necessary to know what to make hand-made articles for a garden and a kitchen garden much easier and more valuable. And in this article you can find understandable and detailed algorithms for their production for your summer residence.

Materials for homemade gardens and gardens

As a raw material for making home-made decor elements, absolutely everything that can be found unnecessary in the house or that has long been hidden in the closet, and therefore it's time to look among the apparent trash priceless things! So, you should collect empty bottles of different sizes, paints, building materials (gypsum, cement, assembly foam), old tires, various capacities (barrel, trough, wheelbarrow, pan), stones and even worn out shoes or broken chandelier.

Remember that for creativity everything will come in handy, that you will find, therefore as with a droplet of imagination, a stock enthusiasm and simple techniques of needlework, any thing can be turned into an amazing piece of art for the garden and garden. For example, you can make wonderful figures and statuettes, organize flower beds and shrubs in the form of interesting compositions, update all items in the yard, starting from the bench and ending with the lining of the house, between the beds to hold paths from decorative stones, and in a quiet corner of the yard to break the flower garden with the present the pond. Thus, you can create in your garden a charming atmosphere, which will be doubly pleasant to work with.

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Crafts for the garden of plastic bottles

For such work it is necessary to choose the most accessible materials so that homemade for garden and garden could To become for you a favorite way of spending time, in which you can put all your inspiration. For example, from ordinary plastic bottles of different sizes it is possible to make donkey as a symbol diligence of the owners of the garden, and beginners in such creativity can try to make simple plafonds for flashlights.

So, first you just need to cut off the top of the bottle with a knife with the knife, and shape the lower edges of the workpiece with the shape of the petals, so that, finally, the plafond was like a bud of a tulip. We lay it aside, and at this time we cut out leaves from the excess walls of the bottle, dip them or dye them with a brush in green, and the flashlights in red, orange, purple, etc. We tighten the neck with a lid, we make a small hole in it, we stretch a strong thread through it or even lace. Now it remains only to "thread" a couple of leaves on it, fix the LED bulb inside the flashlight and hang it on the support. Believe me, such crafts from plastic bottles for the garden will look very nice on the branches of trees near the benches or on the porch of your house.

Donkey with flowers

To implement this idea we need:

  • 1 bottle with a capacity of 5 or 8 liters, 3 - 2 liters, 4 identical - 1 liter and 1 container with a barrel or a closed cylinder;
  • gray and red paint;
  • ribbon (4-5 m), artificial flowers and plastic eyes for toys;
  • black lace or a hank of a thin cable (3-4 m);
  • self-tapping screws and scotch tape for attaching parts.
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So, to begin with we cover all bottles, except for two two-liter, gray paint and leave to dry in the sun, after which by means of an adhesive tape and screws we connect a design in that is shown on a photo of hand-made articles for a kitchen garden executed manually. Immediately after this, we cut off the two bottoms from the remaining bottles, cover with a contrasting paint color - these will be our pots for flowers. Now we decorate our donkey: from the cord we make him a curly mane and tail, from the tape - a bridle, from the walls of an extra bottle - ears. We fix on it "pots" with artificial flowers, and then put our donkey in the shade of a strong tree on the site or at the entrance to the veranda.


Crafts for the garden from the tire

This material is much less common than plastic bottles, and quite difficult in circulation, but from it you can make a very interesting homemade dress for the garden in the form of crocodile. It should be borne in mind that even an inspired woman is unlikely to manage this matter, and therefore to help you need to call your own strong man, so that he "splits" the tire into plots, helped you to cut out all the details and cut out a large wooden bar.

Now we start to work ourselves:

  1. With the help of nails we attach a long strip of rubber to the bar, forming a back, between them we insert triangular "denticles" and "legs as in the picture, the sides are also covered with rubber.
  2. Now we make the head: it consists of two open jaws and eye bends, into which later we put bright balls for table tennis.
  3. Adhesive tape glued to the inner sides of the jaws cut out of a thick white cardboard "teeth the mouth is painted in pink, and the skin of the crocodile - in a dark green.
  4. We place our crocodile in the grass, but in a more prominent place, so as not to frighten anyone.
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Crafts with floral motifs

The best bright, enchanting and cozy atmosphere is created by flowers and textiles, and that's why as an ornament for the garden you can choose ideas for making unusual flower beds. So, for climbing plants as a support, you can use an old chandelier, brought into due form by washing and painting, and Here for blossoming instead of trivial pots it is necessary to choose the broken cart, cans from under a paint, simple decorated wooden boxes.

In addition, you can make tiles for the path in the garden in plant forms. For example, you can spread a large sheet of burdock on a hard surface, and cover it with a thick layer of diluted cement. After drying, they can be dyed, mended the unsuccessful edges, and then literally 1 cm buried in the ground in the form of a path. And if you make such a slab on a sandy mound, then you will have a wonderful bowl for water or fruit in the garden. Ready-made stones can simply be painted in monochrome colors or in the form of bugs, and then scatter them around the garden or near the pond.

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