We decorate the Christmas tree with our own hand made soft felt toys

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The New Year is approaching with rapid speed. Here in the house already smells pleasantly ginger cakes, fun and magic. The main guest of the holiday is the Christmas tree. No matter what it will be, whether alive or artificial, the process of its decoration always contains mystery and warmth. As decorations, usual glass or plastic toys are used.But if you show your imagination, you can sew the fur-tree toys out of the felt with your own hands to transform the Christmas tree, putting on it a completely new outfit made with your own hands. We offer to sew bright colorful Christmas toys from felt.

Felt toys and advantages

Yes, yes, we already hear: "Oh, sewing is not for me "Such needlework is only for experienced seamstresses" or "My hands do not grow from that place". We assure you, it is not difficult to sew toys. And the task will cope even the most novice skilled worker.

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Among the merits of Christmas-tree toys of felt with their own hands is their colorfulness, uniqueness, simplicity of manufacture, the ability to make decorations of any complexity. Handmade work was always appreciated. Also worth mentioning is the shower and the warmth that you put into each product. In addition, it is a wonderful gift for the holiday. And this is an opportunity to take children for a long time. It will be very interesting for them to cut out fragments, and glue them under your guidance.

Rules of work with felt

Felt is a compressed material. It is usually produced in sheet or roll form. Outwardly and to the touch it reminds something of felt, only not so rough, because as a raw material for its production take undercoat or gentle fluff. Also felt can be made of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials. Out of felt new-year Christmas toys do best. The material has a different thickness of sheets, so you can choose the right one for a particular product. Edges do not require processing, and a huge color spectrum allows you to create the most beautiful toys.

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And now important recommendations:

  1. For work use felt plates with a thickness of about 1 mm. Only with this thickness the toy will be elegant.
  2. For the manufacture of crafts, give preference to the felt with the addition of viscose or acrylic.
  3. The needle must be sharp. This will make it easier to pierce the flaps.
  4. Small parts can be glued together with PVA. But at the same time, control the amount of extruded glue so that it does not leak through the fabric.
  5. You can use a thermo-gun.
  6. If you plan to do three-dimensional figures, do not forget about the filler - sintepone or holofaybere.
  7. To transfer the pattern to the fabric, you can use a chalk, a self-destructing marker or a gel pen.

Use as a filler cotton or batting is not recommended, because such material, protruding through the seams, makes the toy untidy.

Knowing all the nuances of working with the material, you can start working. Let's consider how to sew on often used patterns of fur-tree toys from felt by own hands.

Props for creativity

For the manufacture of Christmas decorations will require:

  • flaps of felt;
  • scissors;
  • thread floss, which you will combine the elements or decorate them with lines;
  • PVA glue.
  • thermo-gun;
  • filler;
  • various decor, for example, braid, lace, beads, beads, rhinestones, sequins, buttons and other trifles;
  • You can use wooden die cuts, on which the cut out figures will be glued.

Christmas decorations

As a rule, fur-tree toys make two kinds: simple, flat and three-dimensional. In the first variant it is necessary to cut out on a contour of a pattern of a figure from felt and just to decorate them. In the second case, the base is cut out in two copies, and then I decorate and stitch together.The figure is stuffed with a filler of the type sintepon, holofayber. Both variations of the sewing method are interesting and unique.

As a pattern you can choose any figure you like.

For example, from such simple patterns of fur-tree toys from felt can turn out here such beauty. Very simple, smart and does not take much time.

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You can make a classic version - Christmas balls made of felt. To make them even easier, you can not even look for patterns. It takes only imagination.

In the voluminous version, the figures are more interesting.

New Year's stars and snowflakes

What a Christmas tree without snowflakes or beautiful stars. You can make such Christmas decorations from felt with your own hands in several ways.

A plump figure will be obtained when two parts are stitched together and the space between them is filled with synthepone. The decor is very diverse. You can even put the beads around.

The obtained stars can be simply glued onto a cardboard or wooden base.

Snowflakes make it more difficult. The process of cutting them is rather laborious. But if you try, the result will impress you.

By combining asterisks, snowflakes or just circles, you can get an interesting version of the garland for decorating the tree or room.

Another way to make Christmas decorations from felt is to create multi-layered figures. All you need is to make die cuttings of different sizes, then combine them into one pile, turning slightly relative to each other.

Herringbone for Herringbone

From felt it turns out very cute herringbone. You can do it in several ways:

  1. The easiest way to create Christmas toys from felt with your own hands is to cut an ordinary Christmas tree on a pattern, pass a ribbon and hang it on a Christmas tree.
  2. The variant is more complicated - to make two templates, sew together, fill with sintepon and decorate with sequins, beads.
  3. But this option can make even a child. From brown big beads make a tree trunk. From the green felt cut out for 5 fragments of different sizes, and then thread on the string above the bead.In this case, they move from a larger diameter to a smaller diameter.

Christmas sock

What is the New Year without a Christmas sock? It is in him that Santa Claus puts gifts. For the Christmas tree we will prepare a mini boot. It is prepared very simply:

  1. Take a pattern, transfer it to paper, and then onto the cloth red.
  2. Take two parts of the boot, put one on top of each other and sew with a white double contrasting thread, performing a suture seam. You do not need to sew the upper edge.
  3. Now through the left hole, fill the boot with cotton wool. You can use holofayber or sintepon.
  4. From a white flap of felt cut out the white "edge" of the Christmas sock. For one detail, with the help of a moment, stick the leaves of holly.
  5. It remains to arrange a white tape between the fragments, folded with a loop, fix it with glue and trim the "edge" with green threads, like a machine seam.

By increasing the pattern several times, you can make a boot for gifts.

New Year dog

The symbol of the coming year is the dog. We suggest to make here such a funny dog. For the Christmas tree. He will beautify the forest beauty and will cheer up his appearance.


The scheme for sewing a fur-tree toy "Dog" from felt is simple:

  1. First transfer the pattern to felt. It is desirable to use different colors for individual parts of the body of the dog. Brightness and contrast will not hurt.
  2. With the help of black threads "draw" the dog's mouth.
  3. Glue or patch your eyes and nose.
  4. Black pupils make pupils.
  5. Glue the ears.
  6. Now sew the front and back of the head, fill it with a slightly sintepon and completely sew up. Similarly, sew two parts of the torso of the dog.
  7. They put on the dog a piece of clothing, just by sewing a piece of blue felt.
  8. With the help of glue connect the trunk and head.
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This is not the only way to create a felt dog. You can take as a basis any picture, cut out the details and connect them in the right order. Try to sew a dog according to the following scheme.

Making Christmas toys from felt by pattern is a creative and entertaining activity for the whole family. Just a few shreds and a little imagination and before you are unique products that will give the forest beauty beauty and charm. Your Christmas tree will be the most fashionable!

FUR-5 Christmas toys made of felt

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