Mirror as a gift, why it can not give

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Mirror - mysterious and enigmatic object. He can call the spirits, to see the future, it connects our world with an otherworldly light. Our ancestors are wary of the polished surface that can instantly change a person, because our reflection in the mirror does the opposite.

So is it worth it to give? Maybe it is better to do something more traditional?

Why is not the best gift mirror: signs

The content of the article

  • Why is not the best gift mirror: signs
  • Is there any danger to the donor?
  • What to do if presented with a mirror?

whether it is possible to give a mirrorVintage signs are extremely negative attitude towards such gifts. And there are several reasons:

  • Since ancient times, mirrors were used for magic rituals. For the most part, they were considered a symbol of magic and severely punished any church and the people around them. By making such a gift, the donor inadvertently finds the recipient associated with the enemy of the human race.
  • Mirrors are like sponges, absorbing the emotions and attitudes of all those in looks. Very "clean" a mirror is very difficult to buy - because someone looked at him while doing, checking quality, packed, unpacked, exhibited in the window, walked past. And all the accumulated negativity get into a new home, which can cause unclear where arose quarrels and spats over trifles.
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  • Some believe that the mirror surface is a line between our world and gone forever. That is why in the house with the dead all the curtain dressing dense tissue. It is assumed that such protection does not allow the dead to come back. Of course, buying a similar item in the store, you are unlikely to bring a foreign spirit, along with a gift, it will take more refers to ancient subjects.
  • There is also a more prosaic reason. Mirror, like frail crockery may be broken easily. Firstly, it is in itself a bad omen, and secondly, the recipient will be uncomfortable. This is especially true for large items that hang in a prominent place, and their loss will be noticeable immediately.

In addition, you can not just guess with the wishes of the future owners.

Attention! If there was an overwhelming desire to give the mirror, it is better to give the money to buy it or pay for goods purchased in the store.

In any case it is not necessary to give such a thing to the wedding. Also, do not present a reflection plate cracked, chipped, curved surface reflecting objects distorted.

Is there any danger to the donor?

mirrorIt turns out, yes. If the fragile item is broken, trouble will come to both sides - to the one who accepted the gift and to the one who gave it.

What to do if presented with a mirror?

mirror giftIn that case, if the gift is presented close relatives or good friends, most likely, nothing bad will happen. However, if a present brought a man with whom not a relationship, such a gift should be abandoned immediately or later. It can be buried in the ground reflective side down or drown in water (this method is fraught with troubles for others, they may just get hurt on it).

Important! It is best to buy back in any case a mirror for the "penny."

If you can not refuse such a gift, it should be cleaned. There are several simple ways of this ritual:

  • hold on him a lighted candle;
  • rinse it with running water;
  • hide for a few days;
  • sprinkle with salt and leave for three days, the salt after purification procedure should be discarded.

It is not necessary for a long time to look in the mirror, and if you look, then do it better in a good mood. And do not blame yourself in front of the smooth surface.

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