What to do if a mirror is cracked: how to safely get rid of a cracked mirror

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what to do if the mirror is crackedWell, if in neat hands the mirror never broke. However, among the most cautious owners, it can suddenly crack on the cabinet door, in a large frame, in a small cosmetic bag. Sometimes when parsing summer cottages or things left over from previous owners, people encounter a darkened antique mirror in the frame. And also with a mirror product, which had a large breakaway part.

Perplexity arises: what to do with this thing that has already worked out its term. Questions and doubts are not accidental. On the one hand, the signs and warnings associated with a broken mirror come to mind. On the other hand, the correct technology for eliminating a breakable thing or fragments is worrying.

The mystical "looking glass"mystical looking glass

The content of the article

  • The mystical "looking glass"
  • How to get rid of a cracked mirror safely
  • What to do with a cracked mirror according to popular beliefs

Beliefs about the mirror arose a long time ago. Reflection is the information that people who look into it receive. Reflection is always of great importance.

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Fortune telling gives you the opportunity to see something more in the displayed world. Many myths and tales tell about what is happening on the other side of the mirror glass. The most famous magic images associated with mirrors:

  • endless reflection;
  • cracked or broken;
  • curtained;
  • inverted:
  • reflected candles.

A simple action helps some people to concentrate - to look at their reflection when they are forced to return after leaving home. Particularly carefully studied by people with mystical intuition, what can not be done in front of a mirror where it should not hang.

A cracked, broken mirror, according to old folk signs, portends trouble.

Reference. There is wise advice: do not look in the damaged mirror, try not to reflect in the swept away fragments.

It is interesting that to see a cracked mirror in a dream is also not good. The details of such a dream suggest from whom to expect trouble: from strangers or loved ones.

One of the useful recommendations is not to be discouraged by the prediction, but to think about the fact that this attribute was trying to warn of impending circumstances. We must look for strength and ways to withstand possible everyday complications.

How to get rid of a cracked mirror safelyhow to throw

If any mirror in the house is cracked, you should try to remove it in the frame from the house carefully, without breaking it to smithereens. It is enough to pack it in an unnecessary piece of fabric, durable polyethylene, cardboard.

For urban residents, unfortunately, the old advice is not at all suitable - to bury this item or its fragments. But they also need forethought.

To put such a fragile thing in the safest corner near the garbage containers, to protect against accidental damage will not be superfluous. No matter how convinced a person is of the truth of mystical predictions, another very real fact is important for him: let no one get hurt by the thrown out dangerous object.

If the glass is still broken, it is necessary to sweep away the fragments with great care. It is necessary to cover the whole room with cleaning, as small parts can scatter very far.

Important! When collecting large parts of a crashed mirror, your hands should be protected with gloves.

And the fabric, which will be washed floor, must be discarded. The smallest particles get stuck in it.

Anyone who is afraid to use glass fragments in the decor is absolutely right. Only a specialist can fasten or cut such material at a high-tech level. For lovers, this threatens inevitable injuries.

What to do with a cracked mirror according to popular beliefssigns

A spoiled item, even for those who do not believe in signs, does not bode well. Broken things create an atmosphere of destruction, disorder, decline. You need to decide to get rid of those accessories that do not bring any joy. No wonder the word "crack" is used in a figurative sense: in relation to the gap in love, friendship, family ties.

If a person wants to protect the house by all means and the signs for him are not a trifle, it is worth listening to the recommendations and making a cracked mirror, taking into account traditional rituals. For those who believe in mystical predictions, cracks are either directing damage, the evil eye, or a harbinger of failure.

A magical object removed from a house requires special treatment. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, it is important to observe the following conditions for removing a cracked mirror.

  • Time - the waning moon.
  • It takes a week to get rid of the mirror glass when it is turned upside down or hidden in the pantry.
  • Removal of the information stored by the mirror surface with running water.
  • Packing in durable material.
  • Take-out if possible alone.
  • Use the quaternary salt, which is sprinkled three times on the garbage object.

Reference. For the ritual use salt, consecrated on Thursday.

A candlelight ritual is another rite held with an old or damaged mirror. First of all, the glass is washed, baptized three times with a candle, mentally pronouncing farewell words. Their main purpose is to ask for forgiveness. Thus, a person confirms the realization that not everything and does not always happen in the best way.

Sometimes people want to ward off troubles through conspiracies. Mages use special spells cast over a wrapped cracked mirror to divert negativity from the family. In the future, the removal of the damaged item from the house. This is a positive action that paves the way for new opportunities.

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