What to do if you break a mirror, to avoid trouble

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What to do if you break a mirror, to avoid troubleIs broken mirror pieces or just cracked, the mood immediately spoiled. From childhood we all remember the words of the grandmothers: broken mirror, good do not wait!

And what to do to still avoid the misery?

What do those who believe in the mystical

The content of the article

  • What do those who believe in the mystical
    • remove the old
    • clean the room
    • We hang new
    • Become more attentive and careful
  • How to be realistic

You do not need to adjust to a serious attitude to what has happened. Therefore, we simply list what needs to be done so as not to impair their energy.

remove the old

  • remove debrisCracked Does your personal mirror, broke the one that hung in the hallway or bathroom, or did you see that her daughter gets out of the cracked cosmetic item? Anyway first of all get rid of him!

IMPORTANT! It is not necessary to use a mirror on which a crack! Do not open the way negative energy in your world!

  • Throw away the cracked or broken glass to be correct. Remember: not looking at myself in the "cracked" the world! Not postponing immediately carefully pick up the pieces
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    . Together with them, I have to say goodbye to the frameIn which it was framed glass, or any stand.
  • If a problem occurs with a large size of the mirror, which is divided into large fragments, washed with running water to remove the memoryWhich keeps the mirror.

clean the room

  • purificationWith the help purify water and fire power the room where hung or were mirror. First, wet cleaning. Simultaneously check whether the fine particles remain on the floor or other surfaces (the table, bedside table, and so on. D.). Then light a candle (Better - a church) and sneaked it in the place where the damaged item. The fire will be able to rid the room of negative energy and minimize the negative consequences of what happened.

IMPORTANT! Energy cleansing carried out in the same day, when the mirror is cracked!

  • prayers while fragments of collecting and disposing of their help in the return of positive energy.

We hang new

  • By purchasing a new mirror, select the item that even longer (even a little) than the one that was thrown. We hang it up so that the former glass borders were closed to new.

Become more attentive and careful

  • Was there an obvious cause of cracks or there is no explanation, the incident is a signTo which should be taken very carefully.
  • Again revise their plans. We refuse (perhaps temporarily) from all the plans that are not 100% real.
  • Increasing vigilance, not to dwell on the expectation of poor. Remember: thoughts materialize, so we think only about the good, let these thoughts and become reality!

How to be realistic

realistsIf you are serious about mysticism and predictions, that is no reason to treat lightly crack on the mirror.

  • throw worthless object as necessary. And it really can not be put off: the fragments can cause serious injury.
  • Pick up the pieces should be extremely careful! It is recommended to do it with gloves to prevent cuts.
  • AND Wet cleaning is necessary for the same reason: to make sure that the slightest bit of sharp glass not would stick to the body of a child or an animal.

In the future, we try to be careful and teach the children.

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