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The overwhelming majority of our compatriots love tasty and healthy tomatoes, which are distinguished by their delicious taste and good aroma. This culture has already become an integral part of the vegetable menu of many dishes, but it is often used for food and separately from everyone. However, as is known to many people who grow tomatoes, this culture is quite thermophilic and grows well at ground temperature, not below + 11 ° С. This causes some difficulties with growing a tomato in the Urals, where the summer is short and cool. Read the article: when planting seedlings tomato?

The ability to grow tomatoes in the Urals

Fortunately, competent breeders have been brought out varieties that make it possible to successfully grow this vegetable culture even in regions with a cool climate. Thanks to this, at present everyone who lives in the Ural region and nearby regions can purchase suitable seeds and grow tomatoes in their home garden. The only thing is very important to choose the right seeds, as well as to be sure of their good quality - because it is from the natural life-giving force of seeds that in many respects depends not only on good growth, but also on abundant harvest.

The best tomatoes for the Urals - varieties and their features

Under the best varieties of tomatoes, which are recommended to grow in the Urals, they mean those of them that have the least capriciousness, good yield and decent taste qualities. The best tomato varieties for the Urals will allow you to grow a good crop, which will surely please not only the gardener, but all his family.

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Among the most popular and proven varieties of tomatoes here are the following:

  • Bull's heart. This variety is distinguished by large and fleshy fruits, which often come in different salads, but because of their sweet taste are also used for food and separately. The plant belongs to the determinant varieties, is spreading, with a height of 150 to 170 cm. The yield of one bush is about -5 kg, and when grown in greenhouses and greenhouses, you can get up to 10 kg from the bush.
  • Ural F1. This hybrid was bred by breeders specially for cultivation in the middle zone of Russia, and ripe, tasty and sweet fruits are harvested after 120 days from the moment of sowing into the ground. Most often they are grown in greenhouses or under a film, and with a good harvest, you can get up to 8 kg of tomatoes from one bush. The fruits are smooth, flat-rounded, weighing about 320 g.
  • Nevsky. This sort of tomato is very much appreciated by gardeners from the Urals for the fact that the plant can withstand sharp temperature fluctuations that do not affect the formation of flowers. At the same time, during the growing season, it is especially important to keep the temperature of the environment at least 18 ° C, and therefore it is recommended to grow them in greenhouses. The height of the plant reaches 25 cm, the vegetative period lasts about 100 days, and from one bush it is possible to harvest up to 3 kg of fruit.
  • Siberian early maturing. The tomato variety can be grown even outdoors, as it tolerates low temperatures well. The vegetation period reaches 110 days, and the harvest from one bush can be obtained up to, kg. The height of the stem plant is 25-30 cm, and the fruit is a red, flat-rounded form, weighing 50-60 g.
  • Intuition F1. An excellent hybrid, bred by breeders in order to obtain a plentiful harvest in a very short summer. Due to its unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation, it is often used by truck farmers of the Urals to get a good harvest. The fruits of the plant are rather large, reaching a mass of 110 g, and they tolerate cracking at high humidity. In one brush can be up to 6-8 tomatoes, and they have the right rounded shape.
  • Niagara F1. This early variety of hybrid tomatoes is distinguished by high yield, excellent fruit quality and somewhat original form. The fruit is slightly elongated, red, with excellent taste. Thanks to the powerful root system, the plant can withstand arid periods well, and the fruits are formed in the brush, each of which can form up to 15 tomatoes.
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In addition to the above, Ural also produces tomato varieties such as Japanese truffle, Giant, Kiev, Moldavian, Button, Moneta, De Barao, Sanka, Malachite casket, Biysk Rose and Black prince.

Given a small summer, when already in late August the air temperature during the day may already fall below + 10 ° C, fruits often have to be cleaned still green. However, as many know for sure, in this case they are traditionally put on the stove or the sill to make them blush. So if you want and due diligence to grow tomatoes is still possible, as evidenced by the experience of so many of our summer residents.

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Where can I buy the right tomato seeds?

Taking into account the fact that the quality of the seeds directly depends on the yield, their purchase should be taken with all responsibility. It is best to buy seeds in specialized stores, where you can be sure that the quality of planting material is very high. And having got here the best tomatoes for the Urals in a good harvest, you can absolutely not doubt. Usually in the same stores you can purchase a special soil soil into which seeds are sown, and you also need to take it with all responsibility to acquire it.


Summing up the general overview, we can add that tomatoes in the Urals, whose varieties differ not only diversity, but also the ability to withstand sharp temperature changes well, successfully. At the same time, if it is to take responsibility for the cultivation of tomatoes, everyone will be able to get a very good harvest and please their tasty fruits with their relatives and friends. Thanks to the efforts of domestic and foreign breeders and in the Urals, you can get excellent tomatoes.

Video about growing a tomato in the Urals

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