DIY make-up artist mirror: preparing materials and tools, assembly

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Makeup mirror is the dream of every woman. Usually it is made in a frame with lamps so that facial features can be better seen. Today we will consider how to make such a product with our own hands. Makeup mirror is useful at home or in a beauty salon.

Preparation of materials and tools for creating a makeup artist’s mirror

The content of the article

  • Preparation of materials and tools for creating a makeup artist’s mirror
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Good advice

Preparation of tools for creating a makeup artist’s mirrorBefore starting work, collecting the makeup artist’s mirror with your own hands, you need to prepare all the materials. Let's make a white mirror. We will need to take a few steps:

  1. Choose a mirror: it should be large, free from defects, and not distort the image. You can purchase and cut it in a hardware store. You can cut it at home with a diamond.
  2. Then we select the material from which the frame will be made. I recommend choosing a wooden furniture panel - it is easy to cut and process. If you take white chipboard (or another color), then you need to feed it, and this is an additional cost.
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  4. Stain or white paint - to cover the frame. Impregnation for a tree of white color is also suitable.
  5. Metal plates - for fastening parts.
  6. Corners.
  7. Crown or drill on wood - 38 mm - for making holes. If you take a drill 40 mm, you have to cover the hole. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing. It’s better, as in a joke, to “modify the file”, that is, to increase the socket manually.
  8. Cartridges for the base E27 - their number depends on the dimensions of the product. Another option: buy cartridges E14. Check with the store which ones are best for lighting a makeup table.
  9. Matt lamps - according to the number of cartridges.
  10. Screws and a screwdriver.
  11. Wire, electric plug.

TIP: The inner size of the frame should be 1-2 cm larger than the mirror. The size of the straps varies from 7 to 10 centimeters.

Step-by-step assembly instructions

Make-up artist mirror assemblyWe proceed directly to the assembly.

First step: marking is applied to the furniture board, and we cut out the bars on it for the frame. Angles can be made 45 or 90 degrees. We fasten them with plates and corners. We paint the frame. Give her time to dry.

TIP: if you select a stain, then you need to apply it on several rows. You can choose the natural colors of the trees.

Step two: on the perimeter we make markings for bulbs. The distance between the cartridges must be at least 12 centimeters. We make holes.

Step three: insert the cartridges. Let's say we got 13 bulbs.

TIP: professional makeup artists often mention that a very bright light blinds your eyes, so you can make a wiring that will light all the lamps at the same time or only part of them.

In our example, we do double-circuit wiring with two switches. The lamps will turn on in three modes: 7, 6 and 13 lamps. We get two lines of wiring. Here, the cartridges are connected through one (parallel connection). Open contacts can be insulated with fiberglass putty.

Fourth step: at the end of the installation of the electrician, it is necessary to fix the mirror. If it will be heavy - fix it below the bar. Install the “ears” for mounting on the wall.

Good advice

makeup artist mirror tips
  1. When working, you should not rush, all errors can be corrected.
  2. If you want to make a bed for planting a mirror, then you will have to cut it either on the machine, or for a long time to suffer with a chisel. In our example, there is no bed, and the glass is fastened with mounting glue and plates.
  3. Use LED bulbs. Conventional incandescent bulbs get hot and can cause injury.
  4. Mount the mirror taller from the children.
  5. Check that the wires do not touch each other. They can be hidden under a wide electrical tape.
  6. If you do not make a parallel connection, then you need to set the diameter, which will adjust the brightness.
  7. The product can be mounted on the wall or mounted on a table or a low chest of drawers.
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