How mirrors appeared: improving the methods of their manufacture, when mirrors appeared in Russia.

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Mirror.For the first time, people saw their reflection in the surface of the water - the surface of the lake, puddles remaining after the rain, were peculiar mirrors. Our ancestors did not immediately realize that the image they see is what they are. Despite the fact that the mirror, it would seem, is an ordinary object made today of glass with a reflective coating applied to it, many mystical stories and legends are associated with it. So where did this attribute first appear and what did it look like?

How mirrors appeared in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome

The content of the article

  • How mirrors appeared in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome
  • How glass mirrors appeared
  • Improving the method of manufacturing mirrors in Venice
  • When mirrors appeared in Russia
  • Mystery and mirrors
  • Mirror today

In ancient Egypt, mirrors appeared in the third century BC. They did not look much like a modern accessory and represented a polished surface, for example, black marble. Later appeared bronze, silver and gold. Their shape remained round. This item was surrounded by a magical halo. He was identified with the sun and moon.

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Ancient Egyptian mirror.

In ancient Greece, the appearance of mirrors is usually attributed to about the fifth century BC, since there are no earlier references to them. The reverse side was decorated with engraving with various images. Among the Greeks, it served as a divine attribute.

Folding mirror of ancient Greece.

In ancient Rome, the very first reflective surface was polished bronze. Similar items were decorated with various patterns and precious stones. The Romans were the first to begin to change their round shape. As a result, pocket accessories and large full-length ones appeared, which began to be mounted on the wall. Also appeared desktop products with a stand.

How glass mirrors appeared

A glass mirror appeared in Holland in the first century AD. Glass plates were connected using lead or tin gaskets. Such a manufacturing method made it possible to more clearly see its reflection, but there were still slight distortions.

REFERENCE! A little later they began to use a different manufacturing method. It consisted of pouring hot tin into a glass container, and after cooling it was split into pieces.

Improving the method of manufacturing mirrors in Venice

After three hundred years, craftsmen from Venice immediately began to fasten the tin to the flat surface of the glass. Venice soon became the main producer of such mirrors. Local craftsmen created a reflective mixture with the addition of gold and bronze, which made the reflection devoid of flaws. It was more beautiful than a person in reality.

Ancient venetian mirror.

Later, they began to cover the glass with silver spraying, which made it possible to achieve a clear and sharp reflection. In the palaces of the rich people appeared whole mirror cabinets. They served as a sign of prosperity and were expensive.

When mirrors appeared in Russia

In Russia, they did not recognize the mirror for a very long time and were afraid. It was considered “overseas sin,” it was forbidden to hang in the house until the end of the XVII century. The attribute was used for fortune telling, various conspiracies. Many superstitions were associated with him.

Mirror in Russia was used for fortune telling

Only after Peter I came to power in Russia did the mirror craft begin. Products produced very large sizes. Later they began to decorate with a patterned border, they trimmed the walls. Basically, this accessory served as a decoration for the home.

Mirror halls in Russia

During the Rococo period, whole mirror rooms and galleries were built. In the era of classicism, grand staircases and huge halls were decorated with an accessory. In the XX century, this item has ceased to be an attribute of luxury and decoration and has become a common household item.

Mystery and mirrors

Since ancient times, the mirror was considered a mystical object that has magical properties. There are still many superstitions associated with him. It is believed that if it is broken, then disaster will happen soon. It is also used in various fortune-telling in order to see the future and change fate. The mirror surface is a portal to the other world, so they are hanged when a person dies. It is believed that the soul of the deceased may linger in it.

Mirror and mysticism.

REFERENCE! Mirrors perfectly preserve the energy of a person looking at him. They can be emitters of both positive energy and negative. Therefore, you should not see your reflection in a bad mood. Conversely, smiling at your reflection, you can charge positively for the whole day.

Choosing a place for the location of this element of the interior follows, knowing several rules:

  • You can not hang it in front of the bed and the front door;
  • ugly objects in the house should not be reflected in it (garbage, toilet bowl, dirty linen, etc.);
  • reflection of beautiful objects promises an increase in cash flow;
  • the accessory can be hung in the kitchen so that it reflects the dining table with food (it is believed that food will attract abundance in the house).

Mirror today

Today, the mirror has various options in shape, size and color. It is used in almost all areas of life. It serves as an integral part in creating a common room interior. Designers use it to visually increase space, adjust and enhance perception.

Modern mirror.

In medicine, concave mirrors are used. They are used by otolaryngologists, dentists, ophthalmologists. They are used in medical instruments and devices.

The military use various devices with complex optical schemes in which the mirror surface is the main element. Using reflective properties, they collect solar energy, thanks to which you can cook food, warm water and even increase yield.

In the 21st century, mirrors are made in huge factories using technology. They have three layers:

  1. Glass coated with silver.
  2. Copper layer (protects from moisture and mechanical stress).
  3. Polymer coating.

The history of mirrors is undoubtedly interesting. Everyone needs to take it into account and be guided by certain aspects in everyday life. In addition, it is important to understand the value of the aesthetic perception of one's reflection.

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