How to Choose a mirror: the selection criteria, mist-free mirror

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The mirror in the houseThe main purpose of the mirror - to reflect our image. Well-chosen model can become a striking element in interior design. Experts say that a properly selected element allows advantageous to adjust the space in the room. The room can be extended or expanded, add lightness. Purchase of a new mirror - a decision that must be taken is weighed. It is important to address the key selection criteria and only in this case you can be sure that buy a really nice decor elements with a functional load.

How to choose a mirror for the house

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  • How to choose a mirror for the house
    • Criterias of choice
  • mist-free mirror

Making a choice is necessary to consider the options carefully. Ideally, it should be made of silver amalgam, but in order to reduce the cost of production, unscrupulous manufacturers are using aluminum. The second material different sensitivity to external influences aggressive environment, which leads to the formation of spots on the surface, deterioration of product characteristics.

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The mirror in the house

Criterias of choice

Consider the main criteria for choosing a good product:

  • First we need to get acquainted with the quality certificate.
  • Externally vote the surface. It should not have any spots or unevenness, the color must be uniform.

REFERENCE. The presence of air bubbles that seem to be frozen in the glass - a criterion for the existence of marriage.

  • Walk past the mirror quickly, watch your reflection. If it is clear and not blurry - it's good. If the image is not clear - pass by total options.
  • Otsmotren the back side of the product. You should see a green or light green shade. If you hold in your hands a fake - it will be purple.
  • The back side of the product should be smooth, exactly the same as the front.

mist-free mirror

mist-free mirror When you install the mirror in the bathroom quite often have to deal with the fact that it is misted. This is justified by high humidity in the room. How to solve this problem? It's very simple, before the purchase is worth to monitor the market and pick up a product from a non-fogging glass, with heating function. The principle of operation is quite simple and is to use reflective foil, which is located on the back side of the product. The foil is also connected to the light source. If you have already purchased a mirror without such a function, do not be upset, because you can do it yourself. The function is as follows: when you turn on the lighting in the room is activated by heating the foil, and it eliminates the possibility of fogging the mirror.

This foil has a number of advantages:

  • Easy to use.
  • The unusual design.
  • Easy installation.
  • The high degree of security.
  • Hygiene.
  • Affordable price.
mist-free mirror
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