Is it possible to give a mirror: to a woman, for her birthday, for a wedding

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From time immemorial, the mirror has been classified as mystical objects. Our ancestors used this device for divination and conspiracy. They believed that the mirror accumulates negative energy from all who have ever considered their reflection in it. It is believed that a dirty mirror is fraught with misfortune and disease, and can bring them into the house.

Therefore, in the past, our ancestors preferred not to present this piece of furniture as a gift, and some did not even install mirrors in their own homes. And now the situation has changed, and these items can be found in every house or apartment. But many still believe that a mirror is a bad gift.

That is why we decided to analyze this issue in more detail in the material below, and tell who we can give the presented item to.

Is it possible to give a mirror to a woman

The content of the article

  • Is it possible to give a mirror to a woman
  • How to give a birthday mirror
  • Do they give a mirror for a wedding
  • How to eliminate the negative energy of a gift
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Is it possible to give a mirror to a womanIn the past, our ancestors told the myth that if you often admire your reflection in the mirror, the device will quickly absorb all its beauty and youth. This is just a myth, and there is no evidence for it. But many continue to experience an incomprehensible fear of a smooth mirror surface.

Can I give a mirror as a gift to a woman? For the fairer sex, a mini-mirror, stored in a ladies' bag, is a very intimate subject. In view of the foregoing, women are particularly attentive to the choice of color, design, shape and other details. And it is up to you to decide whether it is possible to present the mirror to the girl as a gift.

But if you know little girl, it is recommended to refrain from such gifts. It can be perceived incorrectly, and, perhaps, it will be completely useless for the new owner. After all, the design may not appeal to her.

Attention! Redoing mirrors is strictly forbidden, since a thing donated repeatedly can adversely affect the new owner.

How to give a birthday mirror

How to give a birthday mirrorCan I give a mirror as a birthday present? Before making such a surprise to the birthday man, it is necessary to find out whether he is ready to accept the mirror as a gift, since many mystical stories are associated with this subject. If the device is small, then almost any person will be happy to accept it, because it is easy for him to find application.

When planning to make a gift, you need to pay attention to the superstition of a person who will soon have a triumph. If such things bother him, then he will need to carry out a ritual of purification. You can do this yourself at home, and to complete it you will need to follow the following sequence of actions.

  1. Rinse the mirror surface with running water.
  2. Dry the mirror, and then wrap it with a dark cloth.
  3. Place the item in the closet for 14 days.

Important! Getting the device before is strictly prohibited by the conditions of the ritual.

After performing the above steps, the item can be presented as a gift to the birthday man.

Why can not give a mirror? If you are not sure that a person will appreciate such a gesture and will be delighted with the received presentation, it is better to give him another thing. Fortunately, there are currently a lot of useful and interesting trinkets on the market.

Do they give a mirror for a wedding

wedding mirrorA wedding is a long-awaited event for young people, and there simply cannot be a negative at a celebration. Foreign energy will not be the best accompaniment to the presentation. Therefore, if you want to give the newlyweds exactly the mirror, you will need to use the ritual already described in the information above to get rid of the negative of the subject.

In addition, there are several things that are strictly forbidden to give to the bride and groom. This list includes:

  • Jewelry;
  • Clock;
  • Wallet without money;
  • Tableware.

A small pocket mirror can hardly be called a desired wedding gift. But not everyone will like large copies. Therefore, it is recommended to think about the gift in advance and look for a more suitable option for the wedding.

Well, if you still decide to stay on the mirror, then be sure to conduct a ritual of purification. In addition, when purchasing this device for the heroes of the occasion, consult with them and find out which model the young ones would like to see in their apartment after the wedding.

How to eliminate the negative energy of a gift

elimination of negativity from the mirrorFew people understand how to remove negative energy from a donated mirror. Much will depend on the person giving the gift. If his intentions were pure, then everything is in order, and purification will not be required. But still, it is recommended to find out the history of the donated item.

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to give and accept mirrors in the rooms where the murder took place and used by sorcerers for rituals. In addition, it is impossible to present objects or devices already used by other people that are inherited as a heirloom.

If a gift is presented to you by a bad person or people with whom you have a strained relationship, it is better to beware. It is necessary to refuse the presentation, but if you took it, then you do not need to look into it. You can also get rid of the product by simply taking it away from home.

There are also two additional purification rituals.

  1. Flushing the mirror with running water.
  2. Then you should put it on a smooth plane and pour it with holy water.
  3. After three days, the water drains, and the mirror becomes safe to use.

The second ritual is as follows.

  1. Flushing things with water.
  2. Packing in a tightly closed box.
  3. After placing in the container, you will need to completely fill the mirror side with salt.
  4. The mirror should lie in the box for a week.
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