How to connect a bathroom mirror with lighting: tips for connecting mirrors with different types of lighting

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how to connect a bathroom mirrorA person spends a lot of time in the bathroom. And not only women, bringing makeup here. Men also often engage in their appearance. You need to put your beard in order, and a mustache, or maybe, on the contrary, remove excess vegetation. However, if the face is poorly lit, then all efforts are nullified. It is at such moments that you realize that the mirror in the bathroom, and even with the backlight, is not just a luxury. This is most likely a necessity.

Types of mirrors with backlight for the bathroom

The content of the article

  • Types of mirrors with backlight for the bathroom
    •  Lamp type
      • Fluorescent
      • Halogen
      • Neon lights
    • In shape and design
      • With shelf and backlight
      • Illuminated mirror cabinet
      • Round mirror with backlight
    • Materials and tools for work
    • Mirror mounting
    • Backlight connection
      • LED Strip Light
      • LED lights on batteries
    • Fluorescent lamps
  • Useful Tips

Illuminated mirrors for the bath differ in some criteria.

 Lamp type

The first one is the type of lamp used. Lamps can be of the following types.

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The undeniable advantages of this type of lighting fixtures include their lighting. It does not blind our eyes, as it dissipates. At the same time, the light is quite pleasant and close to daylight.
These lamps have a long service life - up to twenty thousand hours.

But there are also disadvantages. One of them can safely be called flicker. You can’t look at the lamp for a long time, as this makes your eyes hurt. The second minus is the duration with which they heat up. And the content of mercury vapor inside is not the most pleasant factor.

Halogenwith lamps

Halogen devices are characterized by high light output. They last longer than incandescent bulbs. Of the minuses can be called their fragility. They are very sensitive to shaking and are not recommended for installation with bare hands.

Neon lights

This backlight is a frame. Such mirrors look very stylish. LEDs consume little electricity, but at the same time their life reaches fifty thousand hours. Such bulbs light up instantly, do not have an unpleasant flicker.

In shape and design

In addition to the types of lighting elements, models can also vary in shape. At the moment, they can be chosen of any type, for any, even the most refined taste. They differ in design.

With shelf and backlight

The convenience of this model is that the shelf does not need to be mounted separately. Bought, hung - and that’s it. The room at the same time acquired a beautiful mirror and a convenient shelf for all kinds of cosmetics.

designIlluminated mirror cabinet

Very comfortable and practical model. You can not only contemplate your reflection, but also remove the appearance of various bath accessories and hygiene products.

Round mirror with backlight

The most elegant look are round and oval. They Most suitable for classic bathrooms.

Connecting a backlit mirror

If you have already decided on the type of mirror, we will tell you how to install it and connect the backlight.

Materials and tools for workglue

The choice of tools for installation, as a rule, comes from the type of mirror that you purchased. Most often, everything you need is included.

The easiest option for a model that does not have shelves and cabinets is fastening with special glue. It is released in spray cans, and a special gun is required for use.

This method is characterized by simplicity and high speed. But the possibility of changing the place of the mirror is lost, if it so requires.

Applying this technique, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of glue composition.

Important! Pay attention to the special mark on the packaging - mirror. It means that the adhesive is suitable for mirror surfaces.

Other compounds can adversely affect the mirror.

Often for fixing use not glue, but screws and special dowels made of plastic. Hats are recessed in special recesses or masked with caps.

For a successful installation, we will also need such tools.

  • Drill with shock mechanism.
  • Drill for work with brick or concrete.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Building level.
  • Roulette.

Mirror mountingmounting

Installing a mirror is very simple.

  • It is necessary to press the structure to the desired place and make markings.
  • Make holes for dowels and install them.
  • Reattach the mirror, aligning the fastener holes with the anchor points. Then tighten the screws.

On this installation can be considered completed. It remains only to connect the mirror to the mains.

Backlight connection

LED Strip Lightconnection

If this backlight is already installed in the model you purchased, then you can be calm about moisture. All contacts that are available are already protected from it by the manufacturer.

But if you install it on your own, then you need to think about it initially. The best option is to use self-adhesive tapes to prevent them from peeling off when wet.

Important! Connecting the tape to the mains requires the use of an adapter unit that converts voltage.

LED lights on batteries

This is the easiest type of luminaire to connect. Everything is already provided by the factory. You only need to insert the batteries into their compartment.

When working with this type of device, there are several rules.

  • Do not use batteries of different capacities at the same time.
  • Do not try to extend the battery life by heat or shock.
  • Use batteries of the type recommended by the manufacturer.

Fluorescent lamps

The only difference between these lamps and incandescent lamps is the presence of a starter in the electrical circuit. It is from this device that the service life depends.

Connecting this type of device is described in the instructions that come with the lamp itself or in conjunction with a mirror.

Useful Tips

  • Pay attention to the width of the reflective canvas. It should be forty centimeters. The top edge of the mirror should be below 17 centimeters from the ceiling. The height from the floor should be thirty centimeters.
  • Only moisture protected appliances may be installed in the bathroom.
  • The bulbs themselves can be used completely different, from ordinary incandescent bulbs to halogen ones.
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