Appetizing tomatoes in apple juice - an unusual dish

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Canned vegetables have long become a classic of winter preparations, they can be found in the menu of any domestic family. Tomatoes in apple juice - is not it original?

Some housewives can be surprised. But this non-standard combination of tomatoes and fruit juice will please both its original taste and simplicity of preparation. Tomatoes and apple juice - a fresh look at the long-habitual dish. Tomatoes acquire an unusual apple flavor, and the juice becomes like a jelly.

Tomatoes, what are their useful properties and harm

Tomatoes are very useful for the body, and for the skin. Tomatoes contain vitamins E, C, PP, K and A. These vegetables are rich in phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium. Tomatoes are recommended for use with constipation, anemia, diabetes, obesity and vitamin deficiency.

Also, the benefits of a tomato can be called:

  1. Tomatoes also help to rejuvenate and strengthen the body. With the help of tomatoes that have got into our body, resistance to ultraviolet is increasing.
  2. The most important antioxidant in tomato is lycopene, which has anti-cancer properties, it stops the separation of specific cells and does not allow DNA mutation.
  3. A small amount of tomato is a powerful antidepressant. The tomato improves mood with the help of serotonin. And natural phytoncides help fight internal inflammations. Therefore, tomatoes in apple juice will be more than ever.

The main negative property of tomatoes is a large number of allergens in their composition. Food allergies are very often accompanied by a non-acceptance of red tomatoes by the body.

In the composition there is oxalic acid. It is harmful to patients with gout, people with diseased kidneys and a violation of the salt balance in the body.

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Apple juice is good and bad

The benefits of apple juice is:

  1. The juice of apples contains ascorbic acid, antioxidants that promote the removal of chemicals, toxins, accumulating with the use of various drugs, radiation exposure, smoking.
  2. The juice of apples is useful in fiber, which helps to lose weight and regulates the level of cholesterol, which prevents the occurrence of a heart attack. There is an opinion juice helps slow down aging.
  3. Apple juice increases immunity, contains enzymes that digest food and remove harmful substances from the body.

If you are going to cook tomatoes in freshly squeezed apple juice, you should pay attention to the fact that juice is harmful to people who have high acidity, since the juice contains acids. In addition, the drink is contraindicated in gastroenteritis, ulcers and pancreatitis.

When you make an independent preparation of a drink, you should be careful, otherwise you can make apple cider vinegar.

Winter gourmet preparation - tomatoes in apple juice

Recipes of tomatoes in apple juice for the winter can be divided into three categories: canning, pickling and harvesting without sterilization.

Uncomplicated canning

Preserving is easy. It does not require complex ingredients or much time. You need to use:

  • 2 kg of mature tomatoes;
  • 1 l of fresh apple juice;
  • dill;
  • pepper;
  • a tablespoon of salt.

Preserving tomatoes in apple juice for the winter can be as follows:

  1. Washing tomatoes and removing the peduncles.
  2. Preparation of freshly squeezed juice (useful juicer).
  3. The juice is mixed with the salt and brought to a boil over low heat.
  4. Tomatoes are distributed on pre-sterilized cans, filled with boiled juice. Add pepper and dill (to taste).
  5. Banks with vegetables are placed in saucepans with warm water, where after boiling water they are sterilized for about 7 to 10 minutes.
  6. Banks are rolled in lids and cool.

Before boiling, juice from apples should be tasted. If it seemed very sour - you can put a little sugar in it.

Marinating is the key to an unforgettable taste.

Marinated tomatoes in apple juice for the winter - this is a real decoration of the festive table, they have a bright and unique taste. For this preparation you will need: 1 kg of tomatoes, 1 l of juice (about 2 kg of apples), 2 tablespoons of sugar, a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of ginger.

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  1. Tomatoes are cleaned, punctured with a toothpick in several places and spread out over sterilized jars.
  2. Preparing juice from apples (from the store or home).
  3. The juice is mixed with salt, sugar and ground ginger, then brought to a boil in an enamel saucepan, after which it is poured over cans.
  4. Banks with vegetables are sterilized on the stove for about 30 minutes, then closed with lids and cool to room temperature.

If there is a shortage of apple juice, it can be diluted, but only very little, and after everything is done and juice remains, you can safely drink it after having cooled before.

If this recipe uses shop juice, it should not be clarified, without pulp.

Without sterilization - fast and useful

For those who want to keep the maximum of useful substances in vegetables, there are tomatoes in apple juice: a prescription without sterilization. It will require medium-sized tomatoes, juice (home or industrial cooking), salt, sugar, as well as cherry and black currant leaves.
At the bottom of the cans lay out different kinds of leaves, peeled tomatoes pierce with a toothpick and place in the same containers. Mix the juice with salt and sugar, bring to a boil and pour into jars of vegetables. Now the workpieces need to be allowed to cool. After that, the juice is again drained into a saucepan and boiled repeatedly. Then the boiled juice is poured again into containers that can be clogged. Spicy tomatoes in freshly prepared apple juice are ready!

Sometimes on the bottom of the cans put washed, peeled off seeds and peel slices of apples, scalded before this boiling water.

Green tomatoes in apple juice


  • tomatoes 2 kg;
  • apple juice approximately, l;
  • salts 50 g;
  • pepper 20 peas;
  • a few dill branches;
  • a slice of garlic.
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Further we proceed as follows:

  1. Sterilize the banks.
  2. Wash all the tomatoes and put them to dry.
  3. Puncture the peel of tomatoes with a toothpick.
  4. Wash the dill, peel the garlic.
  5. Boil apple juice with salt.
  6. Stir and remove from the plate.
  7. Put the tomatoes in the cans along with the dill, garlic and pepper.
    Pour boiling water, leave for 20-25 minutes.
  8. Drain and refill with water for 20 minutes.
  9. Drain the water a second time, pour the apple juice right there and roll up the lid.
  10. Turn upside down, let stand for two days.

Tomatoes in apple juice: leave recipes for your future generation. Your children will be happy with this unusual recipe.

Tomatoes in apple juice do not harm health, because vinegar is not used for canning. The preservative in this case is the fruit acids present in the juice of apples, the best option is fresh squeezed juice.

Any of the recipes is a delicious appetizer, which will be a highlight on your table for dinner and on the festive table will bring bright and juicy colors to a casual meal.

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