Bench for bench press with your hands: A simple, oblique, with the reception and back.

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Bench for bench press with your hands.One of the most popular exercise machines for home workouts is considered bench for bench press. If you have the desire, patience and some skill, it can be assembled with a ready project on their own.

Species and features of the bench for bench press

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  • Species and features of the bench for bench press
    • horizontal bench
    • Adjustable bench
  • How to make the bench for bench press with your hands
    • simple option
    • Production inclined bench for bench press
    • Assembling bench with a rack and backrest

Thanks to the craftsmen there are drawings of a variety of benches for strength training. The last are of two kinds.

horizontal bench

It can be folded and not folding. On these benches often are secured metal racks for different equipment and various devices such as clamps. The functionality of this type of small simulators, but additional components greatly enhance their ability to:

  • built leg assembly strengthens thighs, calves and buttocks, it helps to exercise press at a twisting exercises;
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  • rack with special harnesses stops open an opportunity to engage with the rod without supervision;
  • adaptation of the rail - serve to exercise on the lower press;
  • handles in the form of bars significantly extend the range of sporting activities.

REFERENCE! The width of a bench from the rack to the rack - not less than 1.10 m.

Adjustable bench

Bench for bench press with your handsAdjustable - a seat with a back, the position of which can be changed. Includes: stand with swivel mount, the bracket of the resilient material, the retaining tongue, the tongue to lock, chain, limiting movement. On this simulator can be practiced sitting, using a barbell or dumbbells. The features of this type:

  • Power bench at different angles, which helps to adjust the level of the load on the different muscles, giving pumping throughout the body;
  • such simulators are suitable for use not only in the gym, but also at home, where it is best to install the evolving design.

The most suitable for the home:

  1. The simple bench (ippolitovka) is a durable flooring plank in a thickness of 40 mm. It is widely used in the army.
  2. Bench inclined type - trainer of small profiled pipes 40x40 mm diameter. Focusing is rubber-coated rod not exceeding 10 mm.
  3. Bench equipped with special racks under the bar. The material is profiled pipe 40x40 mm, and the rack is made of steel having a thickness of not less than 6 mm. Engaged on a simulator sitting and exercise for the press contribute to deflection of the back. Designed for sports guys cope with heavy rod easily. Mounted trainer of solid proftruby diameter of 60x60 mm, and plywood of 20 mm or more.

How to make the bench for bench press with your hands

If in your arsenal no sporting achievements in the field of self-study training, at the first stage will be sufficient to build a simple bench with no back support. And to make it easier than ever without any drawings. To estimate the required parameters can be looking at a couple of video tutorials on the net.

This bench is a board fixed to the frame. Last trimmed Color Options or skin. No pillars or beams for the press is not provided. After some time, when the exercises become more complicated, modify the bench.

Any difficulties with the installation of the bench for bench press does not arise. All data is in the network, and, if necessary, the dimensions can always remove the right in the room with the factory simulator. The most cumbersome bench has four legs, but it is considered not very comfortable.

REFERENCE! The best option - bench for bench press, which has three legs and three racks.

Worse if bulky bench? In general, no. Just does not make sense to pile additional components.

simple option

The basis for the design bench bench press in this case serves as a profiled tube. The most suitable is its size of 40x40 mm. Spurs on the struts are made of metal strips about 40 mm wide. The desired configuration can be easily achieved by bending strips of a hammer, and then welded on top of the finished product proftrubu. Final stage - to drill holes for the fastening of fittings, and fixed to a suitable frame size board or sheet of plywood.

Simple bench for bench press with your hands

Production inclined bench for bench press

This type of popular simulator a bit more complicated previous.

IMPORTANT! The most comfortable of its modification - bench for bench press, focusing feet. The structural feature - the replacement of the support portion at a thick-walled pipe, so as not bent underfoot.

Do not need a set-top box - use conventional support pipe diameter of 40x40 mm, as in the previous version.

The back is in this case must necessarily be regulated. To do this, firmly welded to an elongated metallic support frame ring. No additional holes in the bench do not need - a board mounted on the controller. For the strength provided with adjustable back rest frame, welded proftruby diameter of 20x20 mm.

Then, drill four holes on each of the racks. It is best to drill their usual drill, exactly caused to advance markup. This is called back a simple, t. To. It has a total of five positions. Its slope does not exceed 450.

REFERENCE! The length of the inclined type bench exceeds normal 20 cm.

Inclined bench for bench press with your hands

Assembling bench with a rack and backrest

Set back 900 It can only be erecting additional rail with an emphasis in the lower region of the bench. Racks in holders do not need.

The frame nasverleno many holes and fixing sleeve bridged opens up a wide range of backrest. Securely fix the support pin is threaded into the side opening of the frame.

How to perform a stand? Racks that are easy to put forward, can be done using additional construction. Make them proftruby diameter of 30x30 mm with supports 40x40 mm. Holders racks made of metal strip. Installation of these components is the same as above.

ATTENTION! The optimum length struts - 0.82 m, the openings being spaced apart at 0.15 m.

To enhance the functionality of the bench for bench press can be to fix the rack rails and use them as boards.

The sheathing bench? As a basis we can take the bench plywood (12 mm) and sheathe its Color Options.

REFERENCE! Interior doors - a great choice for creating simple benches.

Assembling bench with a rack and backrest lying benching.

For greater comfort when practicing on the simulator under the layer of Color Options should be put foam. To avoid bias material on Color Options previously applied adhesive. Upholstery wire fastening metal straps from a special gun.

Thus, you see that is quite simple to make your own bench for bench press. It is important - to gain experience, to consider the proposed instructions to your house there was a great tutor for regular sports activities.

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