Bench in the bath with his hands: step by step instructions of manufacturing

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BenchIf buildings baths used a variety of building materials, the accessories and furniture are made of wood. Benches - an important functional and decorative part of the interior of each bath. Shops are located in the room to rest, waiting room, the steam room. Bench can be purchased ready-made, and you can build your own.

How to make your own bench in the bath

The content of the article

  • How to make your own bench in the bath
    • What does that require
    • How to choose the right material
    • How to make the measurements and drawings
  • How to assemble the bench: step by step guide

Before you build a shop, you need to choose one of the options that is right for you. Just the size and features of design shops will depend directly on their purpose, location and other individual characteristics.

The main types of shops:

  1. Bunk. These shelves are typically installed in the steam room. Stalls are attached to the hollow wall. Often constructed several of these structures.
  2. Three-tiered. Mounted in the spacious rooms. At the same time from the top shelf to the ceiling need to observe a distance not less than 1.3 m.
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  3. Small benches without backs. Used as support under the feet.
  4. Mobile bench. Most often installed in the waiting room.
  5. Wide shelf. Ideal for small spaces.bench

What does that require

For manufacturing need the following materials and tools:

  • bars 55x55 mm;
  • board 55h650 mm;
  • waterproof glue;
  • screws;
  • electric drill;
  • saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • grinder machine.bench in the bath

How to choose the right material

For bathhouse furniture suitable not any wood species. It is necessary that the tree has a low thermal conductivity, it had a good density, and was free from cracks. Therefore, the benches are usually made of linden, maple, oak, alder and other conifers and hardwoods. Their characteristics allow the use of wood products in the conditions of high temperature.

Before you begin, you need to familiarize yourself with the different types of wood:

  1. Birch. Quite heavy grade, has a density of 700 kg / cm3. With this moisture does not accumulate. It has an average thermal conductivity. Due to the good viscosity defies deformation during temperature variations, the material is easily processed. If the steam room benches made of birch, you will need a good ventilation system.
  2. Furniture made of larch can serve for a very long time, but the material cost is quite expensive.
  3. Pine. The most affordable cost. To assemble the shelves, it is desirable to use high-quality bars: no blue stain and resin pockets. The material has an average density. In the crack and deform during long temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  4. With lime it is very convenient to operate, while at the time of heating the tree starts to produce a variety of useful substances.
  5. Meranti. Has a reddish hue, density of 650 kg / cm3. Because of its density and wood is not heated and well withstands harsh temperature changes. The wood is smooth, not nearly without knots, rather simple to handle.
  6. Stalls oak decorate any bath. This is the best choice for those who can afford to spend a large sum on the design of the bath room. Products made of oak are very attractive and durable.
  7. Maple under the influence of temperature without cracking, has a low thermal conductivity.
  8. Tree Abasha long time retains its texture and color. It is an ideal material, but the cost is quite expensive.
  9. Aspen is inexpensive and has an attractive appearance. However, this type of wood, there is one significant drawback - after a certain time the boards are beginning to rot inside.bench

Attention! Stalls in the steam room are usually made of hardwood. At elevated temperature conditions, needles allocates resin. For washing it is considered the best choice needles and alder, as under the influence of moisture, these woods become only stronger.

How to make the measurements and drawings

Shelf, which is located in the steam room, usually has two structural parts: flooring and frame. Typically, the shelves are building a multi-level, it is quite convenient, because hot air rises to the top, so you can choose the level at which steamed from above, where the hot air, or from the bottom, where cooler.

In size shops are selected based on the size of the room.

Often choose the following dimensions:

  • shelf width - 70-100 cm;
  • width of the lower flange - not less than 45 cm;
  • length - 165-190 cm;
  • Lower bench obliged placed at a height above the ground not less than 35 cm;
  • Top Shop is obliged to be located at a distance to the ceiling is not less than 125-130 cm (this distance will allow bathers to use the broom, without the risk of injury);
  • move between floors of shelves 50-70 cm.drawing benches

Important! Pre-drawn charts and drawings be able to help identify optimal variants shops and their arrangement.

For example, if the room is quite large, it is possible to build three-tier shops. The upper tier can be a little longer than the bottom. It can also be detachable design, they are best suited for small spaces.

Install shelves need to have a wall that has no openings and vents. Certainly need to keep a safe distance between the bench and the stove-heater. Most often, the shop set opposite each other.

Important! During the installation of shops beneath them need to leave some space for air circulation and ease of cleaning.

How to assemble the bench: step by step guide

The assembly of the bench with your hands next:

  1. Initially, the boards need to saw at the required portion (4 pieces of 60 cm for legs, 2 parts of 70 cm for the vertical walls).
  2. Of chopped elements going U-shaped frame.
  3. After the rail need to cut the required size (for easy finding on the shelf, it is best to measure a length of not less than 150 cm).
  4. Next stuffed prepared on the boards of the bridge.Bench in the bath

During assembly of the shelves means it is necessary to leave gaps between the strips of 1 cm, it is required for gathering condensation and drying shelves after the completion of the adoption procedures. For better stability of the shelves can be made of piping strips, which remained after the construction of benches.

Handle shelves some chemical compounds is prohibited (to paint, varnish), as maintenance of furniture includes wood contact with the skin at an elevated temperature. There are a lot of photos on the internet, which show razlichnyemodeli benches in bath.

Self-erecting the bench can be fully assured as the material used. The dimensions and the selected design ideal to the rest of bath accessories and fit into the design of any room, because the furniture is made according to its own measurements.

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