Bench convertible with his own hands

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Of course, the self-construction of any invention - a reason for pride. The more so because this is accompanied by cost savings and enjoyment. However, it should be understood that it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances, peculiarities. And so the work process has been as productive as possible, this article was written, where you will learn about what you should know and what points you should pay attention.

bench transformer

bench transformer

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  • bench transformer
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    • Table bench transformer
  • Bench convertible with his own hands
    • Drawings and dimensions
    • Choosing materials
    • Step-by-step instruction
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Pre desirably be as characterized yourself construction and what the classification is divided. Bench convertible with his own hands - drawings, dimensions are important criteria to achieve a positive and expected results.


Every future user selects the most suitable model to your view. Some prefer that it contained three persons, for someone important to have a countertop. Therefore, there are the following types:

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  • bench transformerClassical. You may notice that the outside of this device looks modest. No extra parts and different elements. But the functionality it can please everyone. The capacity of the facilities is large enough. In addition, in the absence of the guests, it is possible to fold the unit for two seats. Also should not forget about the presence of a small table on which can easily fit into a laptop or other such items without any problems.
  • Folding embodiment (bench-flower). Despite the fact that the present device is the most similar to the previous one, it has its own unique features. By the name you can guess that is similar to the design of a flower blossoming. The main advantage is the ability to move the components of the back as you like to the user. In addition, the unit is in the form of coherence is light enough to carry.

Table bench transformer

As for the variety, so is the weight of its inherent advantages. Thus, in a matter of seconds, you can expand the whole structure, and not putting a lot of effort for this. The more the phone can be converted from one bench to another - with the presence of a table and two seats, which can accommodate up to 6 people. In modern times, this model is considered to be the most common, has a fairly high demand among consumers.

Table bench transformer

Bench convertible with his own hands

To complete the entire process as accurately as possible, it is recommended to follow the following algorithm in the sequence.

Drawings and dimensions

Pre-need to carefully prepare. In this step includes the choice of the desired construction scale and further creation of the sketch, in which it will be easier to focus at work. Thus, the scheme below depicts tested with example parameters. Of course, the most difficult action in this matter is the construction of the mechanism. It was due to his transformation of the device will occur.

Drawings and dimensions

Choosing materials

That there were no blunders, should initially prepare all the necessary details. These primarily include:

  • Electric drill.
  • Standard screwdrivers (if not, you can use a screwdriver).
  • Building coal.
  • Bulgarian.
  • The saw of any type.
  • Special varnish.
  • Sander.
  • Products for fasteners (screws, screws, bolts and nuts).

As for the material, as it can be any sample boards and beams. The main thing that they were planed. Everything should be preferred pine, larch or birch.

REFERENCE! If you want to make the most durable product, it is also possible to use oak.

Here in what quantities and parameters required details:

  • Two bars with indicators 90 to 45 in the 1445 millimeters.
  • Five bars 90 to 32 to 1480 mm.

Step-by-step instruction

Now that all the necessary tools and parts are kept in readiness, you can proceed to the main stage of the whole process - directly manufacture.

  1. To begin to assemble the legs of the structure. To do this, you need to cut the bars of 8 identical products, the length of which should be 70 centimeters. For balance, you can create small cuts on all sides.
  2. trans-benchAfter that, should start the construction of the frame. You need to cut 4 pieces of 170 cm and 40. Next, they need to dock and secure with screws. Pre-drill holes in them.
  3. Further it is necessary to take timber and beat it, thereby dividing the structure into sections 500 mm.
  4. Then it is possible to connect the legs to the seat at a distance of 10 mm from all possible angles. At this stage, it is desirable to tighten all the details on the 3 bolts.
  5. After all it is necessary to arm bar 70 to 170, and attach it with additional details.
  6. All the resulting products can be connected in a single system. It is recommended to do with the bolts.
  7. The two material lengths are 40 cm, it is necessary to seal between the bench and the shield. And the other logs (110 cm) should be attached with screws so as to form a backrest.
  8. At the end of the resulting structure is advised to check for durability. If the result is satisfactory, you are ready to process the product. Ie must take the machine to grind and perform a technical stage.


To ensure the durability of the construction in the operation, it is necessary to do high-quality processing device. To do this, cover the stain material or special varnish.

IMPORTANT! Means dries within 36 hours, therefore, to use the invention immediately after dyeing is impossible.

If you want to install a bench outdoors, it is possible to equip the material with waterproof paint. This is to ensure that the tree does not start quickly rot and mold. In addition, the periodic courtship, you can ensure a long lifetime of the structure.

bench transformer
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