Do-it-yourself bench: what kind of benches are there for giving, how to choose a specific one and assemble it yourself?

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country benchOf course, every self-respecting gardener will provide for himself a place where he can rest from various work. On a suburban area, such an object is usually a garden bench. This is a universal design that can be created independently without special investments and difficulties. However, you must first know what is useful for this process and what models of the structure may be. This will be discussed in this article.

How to make a bench with your own hands?

The content of the article

  • How to make a bench with your own hands?
    • Free bearing
    • Volumetric beam
    • Box-shaped
    • Support beam
    • Truss
  • How to choose the most suitable type
  • What materials will be required
  • Instructions on how to make a standard bench do-it-yourself
    • Recommendations

The very first thing you need to decide on such moments as parameters, the type of future device where you want to place it. And then already directly prepare a sample in the form of a drawing and those tools, materials that will be needed to complete the work.

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Here we will try to consider in detail the most common garden types of structures made of wood, logs, pallets, benches with a back.

bench manufacturing processFree bearing

The presented option is considered the most practical and universal. Such a structure is as simple as possible to create and it does not require a lot of strength and raw materials. It usually takes 10-15 minutes of free time. As for the assembly itself, this is the formation of a number of beams from the flooring. In this way the seat is formed. The fastening in this case is necessary only so that the bench does not creep out without a certain pressure.

However, in each example, shops for the cottages have their drawbacks. And this one is no exception. So, despite the simplicity, the manufacture may cause inconvenience in operation. An example is the fact that the flooring used is constantly subjected to an incomprehensible load, which leads to possible damage. The process of finding itself is not particularly favorable: legs are uncomfortable to put. In order to avoid such defects, it is recommended to pay attention to the following variation.

Volumetric beam

pallet / pallet benchesIn order to construct such a bench, it does not require as much cost as in the previous example. A distinctive feature is that here you can not use a metal mount to ensure reliability. In addition, you can do without special joinery joints. Therefore, in addition to the lightness of the unit itself (the length can reach two meters, however, the weight is small), one can note the same advantage in the production process. There is the possibility of joining the back to the main part of the structure.

However, it is worth coming to terms with the upcoming difficulties in the process. This is because the distribution load can upset the balance of the structure. The pressure she experiences provides additional work for the screed in a horizontal position. Therefore, it can be concluded that the limited provision of comfort. But if we talk about strength, then the indicators are not inferior to the next competitor.


one of the view of the benchThis design is able to evenly distribute the load, in contrast to the above models. It is possible to subject both to constant loads, and to variables. This is considered its main advantage. The backrest can be attached in various ways, the main thing is that all actions meet certain requirements. In addition, in the event of a sudden appearance of a defect, you can not worry about further suitability in operation.

Even in such conditions, the structure is able to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, in conjunction with the bench, box repair is not urgent. In addition, there is the opportunity to "swing" in terms of creating design. But do not forget that sooner or later in each device you can find flaws. Here they are expressed in large dimensions and small complexity in reproducing the design.

simple support beamSupport beam

The manufacturing process will require a minimum of both quantity and types of material. All you need to get is a solid board. It can serve for the manufacture of sidewalls and supporting parts. Its thickness should be 40 millimeters, and a length of up to two meters. As for the width, this is a desirable indicator of not more than 45 mm. In general, you can not neglect the use of metal fasteners, construction glue will serve as its replacement.

REFERENCE! It is important to understand that this will adversely affect the durability of the device. If you are a lover of creating design, then there is no mass of opportunities for this.

But there is an opportunity to do woodcarving or use decorative overlays. Among the shortcomings can be noted inconvenience to the back, that is, the lack of support for it. And to attach it is also impossible. And with the correct calculations and the design of the support beam, the legs will be tightened with difficulty.


aluminum bench Well, the final version of the construction of the bench is achieved using oblique ties. First of all, this is necessary in order to ensure uniform load distribution.

IMPORTANT! It should be understood that there can be no more than two active links.

In addition, thanks to the application of this path, you can save a significant amount of material. Thus, if a bench acquires a back, then lateral supports are of great importance. To ensure that the tension at least somehow spreads, it is recommended to use jibs. They must form a stiffness scheme with the starting materials.

How to choose the most suitable type

types of benchesIt all depends on the accepted purpose of the future structure. It is determined directly by the user, it is better to find approximate drawings in advance. Personal preferences and opportunities also play an important role. The simplest is a free-standing garden bench. However, its manufacture should be reconciled with its inherent disadvantages. To provide yourself with a reliable unit that will be able to be used for a long time, you should think about a truss device.

What materials will be required

bench drawing Using an example, we will analyze in detail the entire process of constructing the simplest possible device. Since the invention is widespread due to plywood, let us dwell on it. To do this, it is necessary to have plywood sheets available, and it will be better if they fit the following requirements:

  • High resistance to moisture. This is necessary so that the bench is resistant to various adverse weather conditions.
  • The thickness of the product. It is important that the indicators are at least 15 millimeters.
  • Material size depends on general parameters.
  • In order not to neglect the additional processing, it is worth acquiring previously polished.
  • Well, the last one is the look. Of course, it is desirable if he will be attractive.

In addition, you need to acquire a pair of racks, one canvas on the seat and backrest for possible decoration, screeds, electric jigsaw, screws, building glue for additional fastening.

Instructions on how to make a standard bench do-it-yourself

bench tools The distribution of plywood into individual parts and their assembly is elementary. However, in order to surely complete everything correctly, an algorithm is presented that should be performed sequentially.

  1. First you need to decide on the variety. About this in the above paragraph.
  2. After that, dimensions are assigned, first of all, length, width, height, and read the characteristics of the dimensions.
  3. The next steps are to determine the presence or absence of armrests, backs. And then you can begin to develop a drawing. He is needed for orientation in the process.
  4. When all materials and tools are ready, the necessary parts should be made. To do this, cut them out with a jigsaw.
  5. Next, you can proceed directly to the assembly. All elements are fastened to each other by screws. To give maximum strength, it is advisable to use glue. That is, all small products are planted on the named tool.
  6. After the main stage, the finished structure is usually decorated. To do this, you can make a pattern and sew upholstery. In addition, it is possible to paint or simply cover with stain.
  7. In conclusion, you should test the resulting unit on its ability.


standard bath benchAfter the whole process, you usually want to quickly put the completed structure and relax. But the question arises about the location. The most favorable zone is the area where the flowering garden is located. To admire the available flowers and various plants. Thus, you can easily forget about the bustle of the city and enjoy the picturesque scenery. It is very good if you have a pond or a small lake on the site, then you can place the device next to it.

In addition, it is often used near the path or near the house. If you decided not to decorate the area with this building, but only it, then the best option would be to use decoupage. To do this, pre-cover the garden bench with a special varnish, after which the desired pictures are cut and applied directly to a non-dried surface. Thanks to this method, the device will acquire a special personality that emphasizes the presence of a bench.

ATTENTION! For infrequent use, attention should be paid to mechanisms that allow folding structures. With their help, it can be easily moved from one place to another.

For inspiration, you can look at the most successful wooden homemade products in the photo or video from other owners and design something like that.

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