What is the bench: the bench is, the definition, variety of available options

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Among the furniture designed for sitting, not to find a more practical option than the bench. Its shape and design allows you to comfortably accommodate one person or an entire company.

What is the bench

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  • What is the bench
    • The definition
  • Variety of options available

In the traditional sense, a bench or bench - a piece of furniture, on which several people can stay at the same time. The seat height is greater than or equal to its depth. The back is optional, but is very common. The same can be said about the arms.


The definition

According to D. N. Ushakov, the word "bench" has two meanings:

  • the same as the bench;
  • a seat in parliament.

The second meaning involves the use of multiple forms: the bench. The word is used in other contexts, namely:

  • School bench (use when they want to talk about the events that took place during the study);
  • dock (be on it - to get to court).

Variety of options available

By types of foundations allocate:

  • Benchsteel (often welded, of circular or square pipes);
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  • cast iron;
  • concrete;
  • plastic;
  • made of natural stone (e.g., granite);
  • aluminum;
  • wood.

At each listed species has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, steel corrosion, but the process can significantly slow down with the help of specialized tools and proper care. Significantly in this context - for 10 years or more.

IMPORTANT! The average service life of the steel bench more than 15 years.

Cast iron endure environmental influences, but weigh a lot (except low-quality products with a high content of impurities). Low mobility does not hurt if the shop after the initial setup just will not tolerate, but to give the best to purchase less heavy furniture. For example, aluminum or plastic. First to the same good variety of forms, and the second - a low cost.

BenchHowever, they too have their "cons." Thieves will not leave unattended garden bench made of metal, for which delivery can gain money. Plastic as little presentable and can withstand only low load (low - relative to steel, concrete and cast iron products). If you want a practical, lightweight furniture, which also looks impressive and is not so expensive, you should look at the wooden bench. And let these shops do not tolerate rain, direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and high humidity, but a good impregnation combined with proper care will help reduce the severity of question. The product will last for many years.

IMPORTANT! Concrete bench is indispensable in cases where the necessary thing "for centuries", but the budget is very limited.

Classify shops not only the basics types of back material is also important. On this basis the following types:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • of sheet steel.

The first option is the most common. With wooden boards make benches for municipal courts, parks and other recreational areas, as well as furniture for private property. The difference between urban and individual assets can be seen in the cost of wood. Products made of expensive varieties of government agencies are not purchased. They prefer to buy cheap benches, but wear-resistant hardwood.

IMPORTANT! If you are interested in High-quality wooden bench, pay attention to the options of larch. She endures the impact of the environment and looks beautiful.

Wood, in turn, also has several subspecies. Among them:

  • slozhonnye from whole logs (and sometimes the seat back rest and does made of timber 1, in which the sawn mid only);
  • made of bars;
  • produced chipboard;
  • upholstered in fabric and top neobitye (first established only in rooms).

Municipalities are not interested in not only of precious wood shops, but also figured benches of sheet steel. Among public institutions demand only the most primitive form of the species whose unprepossessing combined with superior vandal-proof qualities. An example of such shops should look in the waiting rooms, at bus stops and in hospitals. They are inconvenient to be a long time, they are tough, but the cleaners are easy to clean them and bullies and just very active children, even with a strong desire will not cause irreparable damage to the seat or armrest.

You should also distinguish pendant, floor mobile and stationary outdoor options. The first type of design and appearance similar to a swing. The second - a lightweight bench. As an example, the bench of the third category can result in aluminum. For them, often create a concrete skeleton. Due to it increases stability and reduces the risks associated with the actions of looters.

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