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Currant and gooseberry have excellent taste qualities and unusually rich biochemical composition. As a part of gooseberries and currants there are sugar, mineral compounds, acids, vitamin C. The presence of pectin substances in gooseberry makes berries indispensable for the human body for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in any form: fresh, in the form of jam or jam.

Scientists have conducted many experiments on the crossing of these two cultures in order to preserve their valuable forms for production and the lack of some shortcomings. It is known that gooseberries are prone to defeat with a spherote, and yet it is inconvenient to process it because of the presence of a number of spines on the branches. The hybrid of gooseberry and blackcurrant has good yields, berry size and taste qualities. Photos of a hybrid of gooseberries and currants are presented below. Let us consider what sorts of a hybrid of gooseberry Josh.

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GMB gooseberries hybrid variety

EMB is a fairly popular variety of hybrid berries, bred in England. Features of this bush:

  • The EMB bush grows to a height of up to a meter, and in diameter up to 2 meters.
  • Branches are strong and strong, they do not need a garter.
  • Leaves and berries are very large, on average the mass of berries reaches 5 grams, sometimes they grow up to 12 grams.
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Hybrid gooseberries bloom in the first half of April. In order not to opal, branches should be covered at a temperature of + 1 ° C and below. Advantages of this variety in resistance to defeat with powdery mildew and brown patchiness, its leaves are not terrible spider mite and rust. Of the disadvantages can be called a slightly sour taste of berries.

Gooseberries hybrid Crome

The Swiss variety Kroma is distinguished by thick branches, like a tree, up to 2 cm in diameter. They can not be tied to trellis, they are strong enough.

Features of this variety of gooseberry and currant hybrid:

  • Berries average in size about 4 grams, sometimes reach 6-7 grams.
  • Yield up to 5 kg from the bush under the condition of sufficient moisture level.
  • The plant is not subject to diseases characteristic of gooseberry and black currant.

Sort of Yokhilin

A hybrid of gooseberries of this variety is one of the best in our country, it yields high yields: about 200 t of berries per hectare. Plant characteristics:

  • The bush in diameter reaches up to 2 meters, in height - up to, meters.
  • It grows sprawling and dense thickets, which is recommended to thin out, otherwise the berries will be small.
  • The berries are large enough: an average of 5 grams, but can reach 12 grams.
  • The plant is resistant to diseases, is not prone to infection with mite, spotting, anthracosis, etc.
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Variety Rekst

This variety of gooseberry hybrid is for many gardeners-lovers adorning the garden, because it has an original appearance. But the plant not only attracts, as a decorative element, it has a high yield.

Features of the hybrid are as follows:

  • Berries of amber color with a reddish tint are covered with a pattern characteristic for gooseberries.
  • The size of the sprawling bush in diameter reaches, meter, height no more, meter.
  • The size of the berries, in general, is 5 grams. Sometimes they can grow up to 9 grams, have excellent taste qualities.

Rekst prefers a shadow, the sun burns the leaves.

How to plant Joshtu?

Hybrid gooseberries can be planted in autumn or spring. To ensure a sufficiently high yield, care should be taken to properly develop the root system. For this, a large enough pit is dug, with a depth of up to 50 cm and about 50 cm in diameter, can be larger. It is necessary to equip the drainage so that the roots do not rot and the plant normally grows.

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When spring planting above the ground, leave stems about 20 cm long, cut the rest. This is necessary in order that the roots, which are not too large in the hybrid, provide the vegetative mass with moisture and necessary minerals.


In order for the plant to grow rapidly and begin to bear fruit within a year or two after planting, fertilizer should be used. Phosphorus and potassium are necessary for the formation of large berries. These components are contained in ammonium nitrate, superphosphates, potassium nitrate or ammophos.

Before planting the seedlings in the soil, the soil must be saturated with nitrogen, for which about 200 grams of chicken manure and 2 kg of humus are added to the pit. This will ensure a stable growth of the plant in the first 2-3 months.

Hybrid gooseberries are located next to the bushes of ordinary gooseberry or currant to provide cross-pollination and maximum fruit formation.

Buying seedlings hybrids is recommended for proven suppliers, only in this case stable yields will be ensured. It should be borne in mind that not all seedlings are well-fruited, and sometimes they are not suitable for cultivation.

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