Storage of shoes in the closet: rules, tips and tricks

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Shoe storage in the closetShoes become unusable most of all when we don’t wear them. Questions about how to put it in order, how to store it and where, arise quite often.

Rules for storing shoes in the closet

The content of the article

  • Rules for storing shoes in the closet
  • How to prepare shoes for storage
  • What should be a shoe storage cabinet
  • Where you can not store shoes

There are three general storage rules:

  1. Fulfillment of conditions.
  2. The right place.
  3. Use of suitable processing methods.

Significant recommendations, thanks to which it will be possible to keep the shoes in its original form: it must be stored clean and processed with protective equipment.Shoe storage in the closet

How to prepare shoes for storage

First you need to put all the shoes together and sort it out. Decide which one needs to be washed, which should be repaired, and which one will have to be disposed of (discarded, sold, or given away if it is still suitable).

After acting, it is necessary as follows:

  • shoes need to be cleaned, carefully remove the remnants of dirt (special brushes are used for boots with a long pile) and dry;
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  • shoes that require repair before storage should be attributed to the master so that there are no unpleasant surprises for the next season;
  • after processing and repair it needs to be smeared with cream or special paint - this procedure may contribute not only to preservation, but also to restoration of color (for different materials there are different sprays);
  • in the end, you can use special antibacterial sprays for the inside.

Important! Shoes should not be dried on heaters or batteries, otherwise the material will dry out and deteriorate.

shoe mold

It is preferable to store molded shoes in boxes or on special holders.

It has a peculiar structure, which, when damaged, is very difficult to restore. Therefore, it is possible to buy special form holders, or in extreme cases, use a regular newspaper. And also it is worth taking care of suitable boxes made of durable material. Or it’s just worth saving the box in which it was at the time of purchase.

Attention! The newspaper is not as strong as plastic or wood, so it would still be better to buy form holders.

Sandals, shoes, ballet shoes, slippers will be more correctly stored in trunks or organizers. This is the most convenient thing for keeping unformed shoes. They can be located inside the pantry or closet, they take up quite a bit of space.

shoe shine

It is important to store boots with a high boot. Do not neglect various cardboard or plastic inserts. And also when equipping a storage place, it is imperative to remember that you need to leave room for tall boots.

Of significant importance is the temperature and humidity level.

Excessive humidity, low temperature badly affect the material.

Important! Fur boots must be treated with a moth remedy, especially if you plan to store it in the clear.

What should be a shoe storage cabinet

The place for saving shoes should be wear-resistant, moisture-proof.Shoe storage in the closet

25 ideas for convenient shoe storage at home:

  • boxes transparent either with a label (with a photo of shoes or an inscription);
  • special cabinet - its structure is such that you don’t have to look for the required pair in the boxes for a long time, and before buying a cabinet, it’s worth calculating how much steam you have in order to understand how many shelves you need;
  • kitchen rails with hooks, you can attach them on the inside of the cabinet or on the wall (this option is not very convenient for storing high boots);
  • drawers - if you do not have enough space, you can use this simple way, replacing ordinary shelves with drawers will save space;
  • an old cupboard or bookcase - this option is less financially expensive, you don’t have to buy a new cupboard or boxes, you just need to put in order the existing interior item;
  • molding - you can use it as part of the design and simply fix it on the walls, and if we are talking about a small indoors, you can put it under the ceiling, this type of preservation is most suitable for shoes on heels;
  • shelving, wall construction - can save a fairly large space, shoes on them can be placed even to the ceiling, sometimes they are placed on the doors;
  • open shelves - do not place them too high, otherwise the difference between them and the mezzanines will be small (this storage method will not protect the shoes from dust);
  • boxes with cells - they allow you to sort shoes, for example, according to season;
  • “Wheel” is a rather peculiar, interesting type of storage, but it is not suitable for boots with a high boot;
  • custom-made furniture is a rather expensive option, but it’s worth it, you can think for yourself what kind of furniture you want, how many shelves, cells, etc .;
  • compact stand - such a stand is perfect for a hallway or a spacious sliding wardrobe, though tall shoes are again left without attention;
  • pouf - a good, portable place to store it, it can be put both in the bedroom and in the hallway, using as a chair during shoes;
  • staircase - if there is a staircase in the house, then it’s realistic to use it for saving: mount the boxes in the steps or simulate a cabinet under the staircase;
  • organizers - there are hanging, with nozzles and floor;
  • old boxes - old wooden boxes can be decorated and attached to the walls, or made an independent structure, it all depends on you and your imagination;
  • shelving - an option for those people who would like to put their shoes on display is not a good way, because the shoes in this case will become covered with dust;
  • coat hooks - you can place them anywhere and as you like, though again this type of storage does not protect shoes from dust;
  • PVC pipes - pipes are of different diameters (10 and 15 cm), convenient for storage of both adult and children's shoes, cutting such a pipe is not difficult, and then you need to glue it into what shape - you decide by ourselves;
  • pantry - if you have a pantry, then part of it can be really converted into a storage place;
  • buckets or wicker baskets - if you do not like to arrange shoes and boots on the shelves, then the use of buckets or baskets is permissible;
  • hangers with clothespins - a great solution for high boots, you can combine with any other way of storage, as this view is not suitable for ballet shoes and boots;
  • elastic bands on the wall - you can do it yourself, or you can buy ready-made ones in the store;
  • drawer - this option is suitable for those who plan to make repairs, a very convenient solution, since you can think in advance what, where and how it will be located;
  • boxes on wheels - you can put them under the bed or under the curbstone in the hallway, pantry.Shoe storage in the closet

Where you can not store shoes

In warm places, for example, near central heating or in direct sunlight. The heat dries the shoes, the skin cracks, and the fabric loses its color.

In the basement, garage, on the balcony, in any places where the temperature in winter is very low, the shoes also deteriorate from cold and moisture. Mold may appear.

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