How to care for a washing machine

Caring for the washing machine is the key to successful washing. In the absence of care, you can face serious consequences - a machine breakdown.How to care for a washing machineIf you have just purchased a machine, it is recommended that you read the instructions before using it, where you will find useful operating information. If you follow these recommendations, the service life is guaranteed long. And in this article we will tell you how to properly care for SM.

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Care for Stiralka: useful tips

Our recommendations will simplify caring for the car. Starting to stand with external care, so we offer you useful tips on car care from the outside.

Outdoor care

Be sure to keep the body of the washing machine clean and in order. It is recommended to wipe the machine from all sides, using a damp sponge and detergent that does not contain alcohol. After you remove dust and dirt, take a dry rag, wipe and wait until the moisture completely evaporates. Excellent, if you will perform these actions at least once in 7 days. The machine should not get wet or any liquid substances, as it threatens corrosion. It happens that the ingress of water leads to an electrical circuit. In such a situation, you can not cope without the help of a master, since the CM will not turn on.

Important! If you do not want to damage the styralka, install it away from water sources!

Do not forget that the electrical cable and the connection hose of the automatic machine must remain integral. It is better to hide it so that it does not break, bend or be subjected to high loads, otherwise the washing machine will fail.

Internal care

Caring for the inside of the stylalki is no less important. It is especially important to pay attention to the powder collector, on which there are traces of washing means. So, how to care for a powder container:

  1. Take out the drawer.
  2. Collect warm water and add detergent. Rinse the container in the solution.
  3. Noticing the hardened formations in the corners, remove the lumps, rubbing them with an old toothbrush.

Internal care

Try to clean the container at least every 2 months. Behind the drum, the stilalki should also be taken care of, since various small parts can get stuck in it, which can lead to rust formation. Try to check the drum regularly for foreign objects.Behind the drum of the stylalky should also be looked after

It is recommended to prepare a solution of 1 cup of bleach and, kg of powder, for washing internal parts of SMA. Dissolve the media and pour into the drum or powder receptacle. Turn on the Stiralka mode with a long cycle and a temperature of 60 degrees. After half an hour, touch the body. If the machine is not warm, one of the reasons may be a heater failure. Let the regime end: if necessary, you can repeat this procedure again.

Rubber compressor

The rubber cuff also needs care, since it stores hair, animal hair, moisture. All this must be removed immediately after the end of washing. Use warm water and a mild soap. Wet a cloth in the solution and wipe the cuff from all sides. If you do not, an unpleasant musty smell may appear in the drum.Rubber compressor


There are still some factors that affect the normal operation of the styralka. Therefore, if you have a question, how to care for the washing machine, you should know that regular cleaning of the pump filter is required. It gets small items, leading to a bad drainage of water. This affects the normal operation of the pump.


The formation of scale occurs because of the deposition of salts. Its presence adversely affects the styralka - there can be an unpleasant pungent smell from the drum. One of the reasons for the formation of scale is frequent washing at high temperatures and hard water.

To clean the machine from scale, you can use a solution prepared from citric acid or vinegar. Calcined soda is also suitable for cleaning.

Useful recommendations

You have learned how to take care of a washing machine. Now we will give a few tips to help you prevent SMA breakdowns.

  1. Do not forget to check the pockets of clothing before loading into the drum. Remove from them any items: coins, buttons, matches and stuff.
  2. Bras wear only in a special bag.
  3. Use a powder that is designed for machine washing. It should be marked "Automatic".

When choosing a means of caring for a washing machine, make a bet on quality. Do not use questionable powders - they will kill the powder receptacle. A substandard powder is practically not washed off the tray after washing. Use only funds from proven manufacturers, which are no doubt.Useful recommendations

If you want to understand how to care for a washing machine, watch the video:


Now you know everything you need to know about caring for a washing machine. Compliance with simple rules will help to avoid breakdowns and extend the service life.

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