Dragon Seeds from China


The website of Chinese goods "AliExpress" is full of offers to buy all sorts of seeds. Fans of exquisite plants will certainly like the idea of ​​trying to grow in their garden "Mexican dragon". The price for seeds of a seller from China is absolutely ridiculous - 52 rubles 67 kopecks for 40 seeds.

Sellers who offer seeds of overseas fruit have a lot of feedback, which means that it is possible to compile at least an approximate picture of growing a plant in harsh Russian conditions. But there will be a fiasco - some buyers praise the timely delivery, others - beautiful and high-quality packaging of seeds. About what plant has grown from timely delivered and carefully packed seeds - unfortunately, not a word.

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Pros of buying:

  1. The goods are cheap, the purchase is unlikely to hit the budget.
  2. Timely delivery.
  3. The opportunity to try to grow a unique plant in the country.

Purchase Negatives:

  1. Perennial tree "Dragon" comes from Mexico, the optimum temperature for it is +15 - +38 degrees. Therefore, to grow fruit in the country, as the seller advises on "Alyexpress it obviously will not work - with the onset of winter, the plant will immediately die. You can grow it only in a special heated greenhouse or room conditions.
  2. Goods from China are delivered to Russia by cargo plane. And it is unlikely that there is a comfortable temperature for the seed of the dragon +18 -25 degrees. In flight, the temperature overboard reaches -40. What will happen to the seeds? And is it worth hoping that they will germinate?
  3. Difficulties with the return of goods. The seller is ready to return the money if you send him the seeds by paying the return parcel yourself. However, in this case the amount of shipping will be several times higher than the cost of the seeds themselves. And hardly anyone will want to waste time, money and nerves to punish an unscrupulous supplier.
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So, the seeds of the overseas "Dragon" from China for 52 rubles 67 cents... There is information about the correct growing of fruit, quality packaging, but there is no guarantee that something will grow from the seeds. In fact, this is throwing money (albeit a very small amount) to the wind. Seeds of exclusive plants are recommended to be bought in a specialized store, where comfortable conditions for different kinds of plants are maintained. For example, for Muscovites it will be cheap, only 20 rubles for 5 seeds.

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For residents of the region and other regions of Russia, the amount will be much higher, as it will have to pay for the delivery.

The fact that the percentage of seed germination from China is extremely small is evidenced by the video:

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