Choosing a handy device for cleaning corn from China

Corn is a healthy product that can be eaten both in winter and in summer. It is used to prepare many dishes, including salads and side dishes. However, it is not very convenient to use corn on the cob, and the process of cleaning the corn from the cob takes too much time.

Therefore, not so long ago, manual shelling( a cleaning device) appeared on the market, which allows you to quickly cut grains from the corn cob. She uses a sharp blade that neatly copes with its task. And cut grains can be used to prepare various dishes. You can even preserve such corn for the winter, so as not to buy in the store.

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Using the device for cleaning corn is very simple. First you need to cook corn. After cooking, the vegetable should cool slightly so as not to burn yourself during the cleaning of the cob from the grains. Then put the corn cob vertically in a large bowl. At the beginning of the cob, you must wear a hand shelling and gently press on it, lowering the device down. When the whole cob is cleaned, you just need to pour the grain into the plate.

Advantages of the device for cleaning corn:

  1. Simplicity. One movement can clear the entire ear of corn.
  2. Speed. In just a few minutes, you can cut off all grains from a few kilograms of corn cobs.
  3. Clean. Cut grains do not have to be collected throughout the kitchen, as they are carefully collected inside the appliance.
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Manual corn sheller is a useful device that should be in every kitchen. But how much does it cost? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, you can buy this device for 498 rubles. It seems to be inexpensive.

However, on Aliexpress site, a device for cleaning corn can be purchased for only 166 rubles. This is exactly 3 times cheaper than the amount offered by the domestic manufacturer.

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Features of Chinese manual corn sheller:

  • blade material is stainless steel;
  • case material - plastic;
  • diameter - 12 cm;
  • height - 5 cm;
  • Grain capacity - 200 grams;
  • color - orange and transparent.

As you can see, it is best to order a manual device for cleaning corn from a Chinese manufacturer. Its prices are always several times lower than those offered by the domestic manufacturer. And the characteristics of the product are almost the same.

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