Kalimag fertilizer: application for tomatoes and onions

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Have purchased a summer residence, we plan to grow there tomatoes and onions for sale. But there is one nuance - we have a hard soil. I heard that you can make Kalimag. Tell me, how to apply the fertilizer Kalimag for tomatoes and onions?

Under the Kalimag brand, the Kalimagnesia preparation is presented in the fertilizer market, which is also called double salt or double magnesium sulfate. It is a mineral additive consisting of 3 components, which is used to fertilize poor soil in order to improve the quality and quantity of the crop. The drug is particularly effective in growing tomatoes and onions, because it is a magnesium source for them.

Structure of the preparation

Kalimag is available in the form of a fine-grained powder or small granules of pink or gray color. There is also a mixed, gray-pink, coloring of granules.

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The main components of the drug are:

  • potassium (about 30%);
  • magnesium (about 10%);
  • sulfur (17%).

As for the availability of chlorine, its quantity in Kalimagnesia does not exceed 1%.

The advantage of using Kalimaga is the complex and simultaneous introduction of some of the most necessary for the development of plants microelements. When fertilizing the soil with potassium, magnesium and sulfur, their uneven distribution in the soil is observed separately.

Properties of Kalimaga

As a result of fertilization with the preparation of cultivated plants:

  • increased resistance to disease;
  • increases yield;
  • improve the taste of finished products;
  • the period of fruiting is prolonged.

With soil deficiency of potassium garden crops are more easily affected by pathogenic fungi, they do not tolerate temperature drop. The lack of magnesium affects the root system, and as a result - on the general development of plants, which slows down. Without the necessary amount of sulfur, plants can not absorb nitrogen, they gradually become smaller and lose the property of recovering. Avoid these problems can be with a single drug - Kalimaga.


Fertilization in soil

The application of Kalimag fertilizer for tomatoes and onions can double their yield. The main top dressing is carried out by direct introduction into the soil, the time of which depends on the soil composition:

  1. Heavy soil. Fertilizer is scattered around the site where a tomato or onion is planned to be planted, with an autumn digging at the rate of about 200 g per 10 square meters. m.
  2. Sandy ground. It is introduced at a spring digging, the consumption of the drug is reduced by half (not more than 100 g per 10 sq. M. m.).
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When growing tomatoes in greenhouse conditions during the preparation of the greenhouse for planting seedlings for 1 square. 5 g of the drug is applied.

Liquid fertilizing of plants

On the basis of Kalimaga, a nutrient solution is prepared, which is used to spray tomatoes on the leaves during the growing season. To do this, 20 g of the drug is diluted in a bucket of water.

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The same proportion is used for root fertilizing of a tomato, while 10 liters of the prepared solution is consumed per 1 sq. Km. m. of the landing area. In total, you will need a maximum of 3 deposits:

  • when transplanting seedling on a bed;
  • at the beginning of flowering;
  • when tying fruit.

For root feeding onions on a bucket of water, you need 15 g of the drug. Fertilizer is introduced in the middle of the growing season.

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