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Red currant - favorite by many, promising culture, which has a stable annual yield, a rare unpretentiousness, high taste qualities. The average yield of the best varieties of red currant is almost twice as high as that of raspberry and black currant, and an order of magnitude higher than that of gooseberry and strawberry. Her berries contain vitamin C, amino acids, P-active compounds and coumarins. This kind of currant entered the culture much earlier than the black currant and worthy of it still occupies a worthy place in it.

Red currant is popular in many countries around the world. Cultivate it in the USA, England, Iceland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands and not only in private gardens, but also as industrial culture.

In Russia, red currant occupies a small part of the area. The areas of planting of this shrub in the Urals and Siberia are also small. And nevertheless, its high technological and taste indicators put the red currant on one of the first places with first-class garden crops.

The red currant covers vast areas from the European part of Russia to the Kola Peninsula and Siberia. Calmly reacts to heat, moisture, frost. High frost and drought resistance are combined with resistance to shattering. Strongly opposed to strong winds. It is undemanding for soil features, but prefers chernozems, loamy and heavy loamy soils.

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The best varieties of red currant

A large number of varieties of this type of currant has a remarkable ability to tie berries with its own pollen. This is also one of the reasons for its unique popularity. It does not require the presence of insects that produce pollination, this culture is self-fertilizing, which allows it to hold the primacy in the eastern regions of the country.

  • The largest berries of red currant can be observed in such varieties as:
    Ural beauty, Rondom, Ilyinka, Obskiy sunset, Viksne, Asora.
  • The best taste qualities are available in red currant varieties:
    Ural souvenir, Meat-red, Early sweet.
  • The greatest content of vitamin C can be found in currant berries:
    Chulkovskaya, Vika, Gazelle, Zarya Zapolyarya, Niva, Osipovskaya, Rote Shpetlesse, Ustin.
  • The content of sugars is mostly in red currant varieties:
    Houghton Castle, Red Cross, Svetlana, Meat-red.
  • Of great importance for the technological characteristics, transportability is the sign of the cutting off of fruits during harvesting. Such abilities are observed in currant varieties:
    Star of the North, Long-petite small, Laturneis, Dutch red.
  • A high degree of winter hardiness has such varieties as:
    Ural Dawns Slava Sablona Rebi Castle, Ural Beauty, Chulkovskaya, Dawn, Memorial, Melody, Lights of the Urals, Scarlet Dawn, Night.

Considering all the above varieties of red currant, the best of them, of course, can be called:


"Viksne" - the best variety of red currant for its taste and saturated deep cherry color. Winter-resistant and heat-resistant variety, resistant to diseases.

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"Dutch red" - winter hardy variety, characterized by unpretentiousness. Has compact and powerful bushes. Has good resistance to fungal diseases.

"Cascade" - a variety of currants, which is large-fruited, has a brush 10 cm long. Frost resistant grade, resistant to fungal lesions. Very yielding.

"Ural beauty" - an excellent variety. Has dessert taste and large fruits. Currant early ripening, winter hardy. High yield and self-fertility.

"Serpentine" is a large-bred yielding variety. A medium-sized, compact shrub. Highly resistant. Fruits of wonderful taste with a pleasant aroma.

The best varieties of red currant for the Moscow region

Red currant in the suburbs usually blooms in May. Early varieties ripen in June, late in August.

For the planting of red currants in the specified region, the following varieties are recommended:

  • Early sweet;
  • Jonker van Tete;
  • Rachnovskaya;
  • Natalie.

"Early sweet" - a fruitful bush yielding up to 4 kg of fruit. On a long brush the berries are small, but tasty, do not crumble.

"Jonker van Tete" - the best of the varieties of red currant compact high bush, which gives up to 6 kg of berries. Berries are delicious and large. Well known for its winter hardiness.

"Rachnovskaya" is a weakly bushy, medium-bush shrub giving yield up to 5 kg, calibrated juicy and tasty berries.

"Natalie" is a compact, dense bush. Yield up to 12 kg. The berries are densely red, fragrant and tasty. Medium-resistant to fungal diseases.

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The best varieties of red currant for Siberia and the Urals

The harsh climatic conditions of Western, Eastern Siberia and the Urals have a huge impact on horticultural crops. In winter, in these regions, the temperature drops to 45 ° C, and recurrent frost can kill the crop even during flowering.

Currant red adequately overcomes these cataclysms of nature and emerges from them as a winner. There are many varieties that have good yields in the conditions of Siberia and the Urals.

The best varieties of red currant for the Urals and Siberia can be called such as:

  • Chulkovskaya;
  • Dutch pink;
  • Unattractive;
  • The Ural souvenir;
  • Lights of the Urals.

Chulkovskaya - red currant early. Slaboskidistaya, vigorous, with bright red fruits from an exquisite dessert taste. High ugliness up to 10 kg from the bush. very hardy.

Unreal - a very popular variety. Semi-bushy, medium-bush shrub. Berries with sweet and sour taste. It has excellent yield and winter hardiness.

Dutch pink - a variety loved by gardeners. Tall bush, but it is compact enough. Fruits are large in size with a pink color with a magnificent dessert taste. Excellent yield, cold-resistant.

The Ural souvenir is a fine winter hardy variety. The berries of this variety are juicy, bright red, the taste has a sweet and sour color. The bush turns srednerosly and sredneraskidisty.

Lights of the Urals are very winter hardy, with medium-sized berries. Flowers and ovaries are resistant to spring frosts, and the plant has good resistance to pests and diseases.

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