Garden trolley from the Chinese manufacturer


Not a single garden site can not do without a trolley. The purpose and application of the garden trolley is understandable without unnecessary words. Basically it is used for convenience in transporting a decent weight of the necessary materials for your plantations in the garden area, for example, manure, earth or sand. Also, with the help of a cart it is convenient to take out unnecessary garbage or grass to the landfill from the territory. According to the shape and composition of the trolley material, in principle, all the same, but it is important to know the approximate price, that would not be in vain to overpay. On the website of Chinese goods "Alyexpress" such a cart will cost you 20 502 rubles 55 cents. Delivery in Russia is free, the approximate waiting time for delivery is 7-15 days from the moment the order is processed by the sender. Also, some sellers can find a discount, for example, for every 198 dollars you will receive a $ 5 rebate.

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The trolley is made of iron, with rubber handles for convenience in its operation. Under the bottom of the garden trolley, deep bend the extension of the handle, for a stable position, until you fill it with the necessary contents.

Characteristics of the garden trolley:

  • size - 80 * 60 * 20 cm;
  • Weight, kg.

On the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" you can also find a camera for a wheel of any size. The camera costs 445 rubles 79 kopecks, and the delivery costs you 92 rubles 56 kopecks.

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The website of the OBI hypermarket provides similar garden trolleys, for example:

As we see, the price is very different. In the hypermarket, the garden trolley will cost you 1 499 rubles, although free delivery is carried out at the amount of purchase from 25 000 rubles, but it is unlikely to exceed or at least approach the cost of goods from "Aliexpress".

Characteristics of the garden trolley:

Weight, kg;

height - 6 cm;

width - 139 cm;


depth - 4, cm;

material - steel.

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Yes, the trolley weighs 2 kilograms more, but buying a garden trolley in the OBI hypermarket will save you 1, 03 rubles and 55 cents, and this amount can be bought 12 more trolleys here.

Proceeding from the received data, we will sum up. The price on the site of Chinese goods "Alyexpress" is extremely overstated, in a garden cart worth 2, 02 rubles 55 cents is nothing special, and what is caused by such a price is not known. The price of the camera for the wheel is also overstated, such things can easily be found in the shops of your city, and the price will be an order of magnitude lower.

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