Built-In Washing Machine Overview

Built-in washing machine - a convenient model for placing appliances in the kitchen. By purchasing such a styalku, you do not think whether its design will fit the interior: built-in models are installed in the headset and closed with a door. You can choose the one that fits the functionality, not the design.

Consider the review of popular built-in washing machines.

Built-In Washing Machine Overview

Content of the material:

  • 1What is different about the built-in model of the AGR from the usual
    • 1.1Advantages and disadvantages
  • 2Types of Embedded Machines
  • 3Rating of embedded AGR
    • 3.1Bosch WIS 24140
    • 3.2Bosch WIS 28440
    • 3.3Miele W 2839 i WPM RE
    • 3.4Hotpoint-Ariston AVSL 109
    • 3.5Electrolux EWG 147540 W

What is different about the built-in model of the AGR from the usual

By functionality, built-in and familiar technology does not differ in any way. The only difference is in the installation method.

  • Separate standing stylalki, which have the possibility of embedding. These machines can be installed as standard, or integrated into the furniture thanks to the removable top cover.
  • Fully equipped machines are completely covered by the furniture facade. On the front panel there are additional hinges for securing the cabinet door. The height of the legs of the stylus can be adjusted as desired.

What is different about the built-in model of the AGR from the usual

Completely constructed models are characterized by low noise level, since they are additionally attached to furniture.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of built-in machines in the placement. You can install them anywhere: under the countertop in the kitchen, under the sink in the bathroom, in the niche in the wall and so on.

  • Mistresses are comfortable that the necessary equipment is at hand: it is worth looking into the cabinet - and you will find there a washing machine.
  • Saving space. The equipment is selected according to the size, therefore it fits organically into the prepared furniture.
  • Models of embedded SMA, as a rule, are more reliable and durable, have additional protection against leaks, control of imbalance and other useful functions.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantages of built-in machines are insignificant - a less wide range of models on the market. This is difficult to call a problem, because you can easily select a suitable SM. Their cost is higher than that of stand-alone machines.

Types of Embedded Machines

When choosing the fully-tuned CMA models, pay attention to the following features:

The size.Buying the equipment for installation in a cabinet or cabinet, you should know its dimensions to within a millimeter. Otherwise, the machine just does not fit in the headset.
The standard dimensions of such wastes are 80x60x60cm. Narrower, compact machines with a body depth of 40-45 cm are most convenient for embedding.

Saving resources.How beneficial is it to use a washing machine? You can choose a more expensive model with a high class of energy efficiency. It will pay off due to saving resources when washing.

Pay attention to the stickers. They are located on the body of the AGR and point to the classes of energy efficiency, washing, spinning. This is important for further operation.

Control.Mechanical control is convenient and understandable. However, electronic control is less energy-efficient and more efficient. New developments allow you to control the machine with a smartphone. Additional modes and functions are also convenient to choose, and the LCD displays all your actions.Types of Embedded Machines

Programs and options.The user pays attention to them first. Determine for what purposes you need a stiralka. There are machines with drying, with steaming, with the effect of bubbles and other technologies. It should be borne in mind that washing and drying technology costs several times more, and for each additional program you will have to pay extra.

The capacity of the AGR and other washing parameters is very important. What you need to pay attention to:

  1. Drum capacity. How much about the laundry do you erase at a time? The calculation is made according to the number of people in the house. For a family it is enough to load a drum from 5 to 8 kg. There are more capacious models, but large items are not erased much, and it is not always possible to assemble underwear for full loading.
  2. Type of download. Also an important parameter. A vertical washing machine can not be built into the headset. This is suitable for washing with front loading. Vertical CMA can be embedded partially, if it is convenient
    Built-In Washing Machine Overview
  3. Noise and vibration level. It is important for every consumer that the machine is washed efficiently and silently. So look at the number of decibels when buying.

An important criterion for choosing is the trademark of a styalka. Most prefer market leaders: Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Panasonic. More budgetary options are Electrolux, Hotpoint-Ariston, Beko.

Having studied the differences and advantages of the embedded models, let us consider in detail some of them.

Rating of embedded AGR

Imagine the top of the best models of washing machines, according to consumer reviews.

Bosch WIS 24140

This is one of the most reliable models for embedding. Dimensions 8, х60х5, cm allow the stylalke to hide behind the facade of kitchen furniture. The convenient and sensitive Touch Control panel provides easy operation with minimal contact.

Bosch WIS 24140

The drum capacity is 7 kg, a special program weighs the laundry and determines how much water to use. All necessary programs are presented, plus additional functions:

  • the possibility of loading linen;
  • light ironing;
  • control of imbalance and foaming.

It is possible to outweigh the door to both sides.

Bosch WIS 28440

Machine with multifunction display. The maximum loading of the drum from plastic is 7 kg. The maximum spin is 1400 revolutions. Among the interesting features - control the dosage of water based on the number of loaded things.

Bosch WIS 28440

There are programs for different types of fabrics, delicate and manual modes are provided. The temperature can be adjusted. Built-in full protection against leaks, as well as suppression of imbalance during spinning.

The energy consumption class A + allows you to consume 17 kW per hour.

Miele W 2839 i WPM RE

Quite heavy equipment (98 kg) has standard dimensions of 82x59x58 cm, so it can be built in under the countertop. Loading the drum allows you to wash 5 kg of laundry at a time. Spin is quite high - 1600 rpm.

Convenient control: all keys are signed, all your actions and selected programs are displayed on the display. There are 16 wash modes, plus additional options. Temperature and spin can be adjusted.

Miele W 2839 i WPM RE

The drum is cellular, with small holes, has a LED backlight. There is complete protection against leaks, as well as protection against accidental keystrokes. Smart system Fuzzy Logic calculates the consumption of resources in accordance with the load, so you can save.

The outer part of the body is stylish, so it can serve as a part of the interior.

Hotpoint-Ariston AVSL 109

A quiet and powerful inverter motor perfectly absorbs all sounds, so it is convenient to start the car even at night. Loading of the drum is 5 kg, the tank is made of polyplex. The number of revolutions during the spin-1000 can be regulated.

Hotpoint-Ariston AVSL 109

Among the programs are antibacterial regime, night washing, care of mixed underwear. Useful functions: AntiOverFlow - protection against overflow, economical system of using detergent without residue. When draining, you can adjust the temperature, which allows you to save the drainage system.

A good car with dimensions of 85x60x40 cm.

Electrolux EWG 147540 W

The depth of the built-in washing machine is 54 cm, the width is 60 cm, and the height is 85 cm. The legs of the machine can be adjusted. The drum load is 7 kg, and the maximum spin is 1400 revolutions.

High energy efficiency class A +++. Built-in 14 wash programs. The time manager will help you set up the program so that the washing is completed at a time convenient for you. Adjust the temperature and the number of revolutions, use protection from children.

Electrolux EWG 147540 W

The silent inverter motor is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years. The Direct Spray system carefully moistens the laundry with jets of water, which allows you to preserve the fibers of the fabric and economically consume water. For one washing machine uses 46 liters of water.

After reading the article, you will be able to decide which stylalko to choose for embedding. The functional of the models is slightly different, so you decide which brand to give preference.

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