How to water hyacinth: frequency and methods of watering

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Tell me how to water hyacinth? On a women's holiday, we were all presented with flowering bushes at work. As it was later told, some of the employees immediately landed them in the garden. I left my flower in the pot, and after flowering I just transferred it to the storeroom. I want to drive him out early in the spring. Do I need to water the bulb at a time when she is resting? How generally it is better to water - in a pot or in a pallet?

Hyacinths are one of the first spring plants that rush to please us with their plush flowers. They have one more feature that attracts flower growers. Hyacinths can grow both in the open ground and in indoor conditions. In the latter case, flower care is a little different and has some nuances, especially regarding watering. With a garden flower everything is clear - there its moisture is almost completely provided by natural precipitation. But the room hyacinth is completely dependent on its owner. The problem is that he is very fond of moisture, but, like all bulbous, does not tolerate its excess. How to water hyacinth, not to "love" him with their care and not provoke the disease? Today we will tell you which irrigation method is best used and how often it should be done.

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Features of watering at different stages of hyacinth development

The life cycle of the hyacinth growing in the garden begins with the first signs of the arrival of spring. For indoor plants, this may not necessarily be the spring, since bulbs are often used for distilling. It allows you to accelerate and approximate flowering.

The planted onion is first held in a cool and dark place so that it takes root. Immediately after planting, the soil should be well moistened. In the future, it is important to carefully monitor that it does not dry out, and regularly, but moderately, water the plant. It is also not worth it to knit, because the pot will be in the cool, where the moisture evaporates not so quickly.

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When the bulb leaves the shoots, it is transferred to a warmer room. Accordingly, watering hyacinth now needs a little more. When the flower spike is formed, the plant is completely rearranged to a warm and lit place. It is during this period that hyacinth needs the most moisture, so the frequency of watering should be increased.

When watering it is important not to let water get to the leaves and the flower stem, otherwise the hyacinth will rot.

But after the flowering, the irrigation should be gradually reduced. When the flower stem and leaves wilt, the hyacinth leaves for rest. Humidify the soil, when the flower rests, often it is not necessary. It is enough to spill the substrate lightly from time to time so that it does not dry out and the bulb does not disappear.

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How to water hyacinth?

Despite the fact that hyacinth is a moisture-loving culture, it should not be in the water constantly. You can water the flower in two ways:

  1. Straight into the pot.In this case, pour the water along the edge of the dishes, and the excess, which has leaked out onto the pallet, must be drained off.
  2. In the pallet.The most optimal method of watering, which reduces the risk of water falling on the flower and overflow to a minimum. The plant itself will take as much moisture as it needs.

Thus, watering for the hyacinth is one of the important moments not only for development, but also for the flowering of the bulb. In constantly moist soil the flower will begin to ache, and vice versa - if the water is not enough, the peduncles will be short. It is necessary to find the golden mean and then the hyacinth will open in all its glory.

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