Ways of watering violets for their successful development

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I am a beginner, and so it turned out that my first plants were violets. I got four varieties, they lived with me for a couple of months and started to disappear. It seems to me that I incorrectly watered them. Tell me, how should I water the violets?

Violets, or, as they are called, senpolias are quite capricious, especially with respect to watering. Even small violations of the regime drag the death of the flower.

The frequency and amount of irrigation is influenced by many factors. First of all, it is the temperature and humidity level in the room where the pot is located, and also how bright the lighting is. The soil condition dictates the frequency of watering - the easier the land, the more often the plant needs watering. The same reaction of violets growing in earthenware. Unlike plastic, clay has the property of "breathing so water from such a pot evaporates faster.

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Increase the number and frequency of watering is necessary during the periods of flowering violets, as well as when caring for young plants. An adult bush requires less attention with regard to water.

To water violets should be regularly (about twice a week) in the morning hours - in the summer, and in the winter - throughout the day. The soil in the pot is kept moist while not allowing moisture to stagnate.

Flower growers use three methods of watering violets, each of which has its pros and cons. These include:

  • direct watering in the pot;
  • wick watering;
  • watering through a pallet.

Direct watering of violets into a pot

When using this method, the violet should be watered from the watering can or syringe with a thin stream of water until the pan is filled with water. The jet of water is directed to the soil at the very edge of the pot, preventing moisture from entering the plant itself (leaves, flowers, rosette). Place the pot in the pan for 20 minutes, then pour out the water that has not absorbed.


Direct watering is good in that harmful elements leave the pot with the water. However, there is a risk of wetting the flower, and this violets do not like and can die.

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Wicking water

Very often, violets are watered with a wick, through which water enters the pot. To do this, lower the wick in the water tank and put the other end into the drain hole in the pot. The pot itself is placed in such a way that it is above the container with water, but does not touch it with the bottom. As a wick, an ordinary cord or a twisted strip of fabric is suitable.

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The advantage of this method is that the plants themselves regulate the frequency and amount of watering, depending on the temperature and humidity in the room. But, on the other hand, not all grades are suitable for watering through the wick. In addition, in the cold season the water in the container on the windowsill is strongly cooled, and this violets, too, do not like.

Wicking is not suitable for violets growing in pots with a diameter of more than 8 cm, because the plant will start to grow large leaves and may stop blooming.

Watering through a pallet

Watering through a tray of violets is perceived very well. Water can be poured gradually, as far as absorbing soil, and you can immediately put the pot in a container of water and leave for 15-20 minutes. Surplus water in the pan, which is not absorbed, poured.

Nuances of watering violets through a wick - video

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